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Morena Mom’s Gatronomic Provenciano Experience

I cannot regard myself as a foodie since the dictionary defined it as “a person who’s keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.” Fine. I’m not really sure if I am. Because, I know for a fact that I am overjoyed when I’m served with great food. Cooking? Nah, my dearest husband does the cooking.

Food is always my best therapy. We always have one of “those days”, right? When I feel down and needs to clear my mind, I bury myself with food. I’m one happy soul whenever I eat. What more happiness could it be if in a posh setting?

For no sad reason at all just Eat’s a Date event, I went to visit Provenciano located in Maginhawa Street Teachers Village, Quezon City. I learned of this restaurant through OpenRice.

Provenciano in the Philippines features more than 80,000 dining places around the country, which are categorized by cuisine, district, and price range to allow users to quickly and easily find their favorite restaurants. Users can learn more by going through each restaurant’s gourmet reviews and photos, and even bookmark their favorite ones. And to help visitors search for gourmet information anytime,anywhere, OpenRice has launched a mobile site and smartphone applications for iPhone and Android. OpenRice can also be found on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram for the release of the latest gourmet information and privileges.

It’s now convenient for me to find a place to eat with my husband and son. Provided with food reviews in the OpenRice app which can surely help anyone, Paulo would think his wife is a restaurant savvy now. Of course I’m kidding.

Back to Provenciano, the restaurant just started the operation July of this year, 2015. True to its name, it gave me the “probinsya” feel. These interior items inside their restaurant contributed greatly to its laid-back vibe.

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This is my most favorite part in Provenciano. I think I even heard a rooster crowing outside in this back part of the restaurant. A waking-up-in-one-morning-in-the-province kind of thing.

Outside Provenciano



I noticed that most of their guests were people of the upper age bracket. I’m guessing because of the relaxed atmosphere and the “used to be” living theme in the middle of this “‘modern fast-paced days”.

I got to try some dishes on their menu and these were my favorite:


A soup with pork slices, pechay and misua noodles. A signature dish of La Paz, Iloilo.

I love how this soup tastes, awaken my appetite to eat.



Twice cooked beef ribs in a Provenciano marinade, served with garlic sauce and soy vinegar

Tenderest, juiciest  and meatest beef ribs!

Tadyang ni Enteng


Kapampangan’s pride – crispy friend served with fresh mustard leaves and balaw-balaw (fermented shrimp)

I’m a sucker for salty viands. On that note, this was my most favorite amongst what I tried in Provenciano. Balaw-balaw for me is heaven. It tastes like the shrimp paste available in the groceries but with a kick of calamansi.
Wrap the fish meat and balaw-balaw with mustasa leaf.

Pinalutong na Hito, Mustasa at Balaw-balaw


Fresh prawns cooked in the famous Zamboanga sauce “‘Alavar”, a delicious secret blend of coconut milk and spices

Yummy mouth-watering prawns on this flavorful Alavar sauce.

Sugpo sa Alavar


Chinoy Pako

Fiddlehead fern, salted egg, cherry tomato, shallots and ripe mango topped with fried wantons, served with calamansi and Palawan honey vinaigrette

I bet my husband will love this one. The honey vinegar compliments the nicely blanched pako while the salted egg, cherry tomatoes, ripe mango and crunchy fried wantons added taste and texture to this dish.

Chinoy Pako

On dessert, they have yummiest selection too.

Sorbetes ng Bataan

Filipino ice cream (choice of yam, corn, jackfruit or coconut) served with Pili tart

Creamy ube and mais ice cream with pili tart after the gastronomiest fill.

Sorbetes ng Bataan


A delightful concoction of crushed ice with tapioca, gelatine, and toasted rice crispies, sweetened with coconut milk


And the drinks:



Did you notice the cool assorted plates? That’s to give us the casual setting feel, it’s like having a sumptuous lunch with your family in your own home. Isn’t it that (most) plates in our probinsya is assorted?


Provenciano has 10 parking slots.

Hours of operation is from 11AM to 11PM.

They can accommodate up to 267 guests.

Their peak hours is 6PM onwards so they do pre-order taking to catch up with vast/flood orders.

Standard serving time is 20 mins but that will buy you enough time to enjoy it’s nice interior.

Please make a reservation at least a day before your event to avoid conflict of bookings. Call (02) 922-2736 or visit Provenciano’s FB page.

Planning to treat your family? Or if you have relatives coming back to the Philippines, it’s best to treat them at Provenciano.

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  1.' Neri Ann says:

    Pilipinong pilipino ang ambiance!

  2. The ambiance of the resto suits well to their name. It’s like you visit your province. Feels like home.

  3. That’s such a nice interior! And the food looks delish! Sobrang curious na ako sa Maginhawa ako nanlang yata ang taong hindi pa nakatapak dyan… One of these days…

    •' Richelle says:

      Hi Mommy Jennifer,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Hahahaha Buti na lang pala nakapunta na ako sa Maginhawa St because of Provenciano, kundi dalawa tayo. It’s worth the travel. Where will you coming from?

      Morena Mom

  4.' Berlin says:

    Such a great place to be with loved ones. We’ve been to maginhawa st a number of times but not to this place pa. Surely will visit. I also like your favorite spot there. 🙂

    •' Richelle says:

      Hi Mommy Berlin,

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

      I have yet to eat often in Maginhawa St. Visiting Provenciano made me realized ang dami palang spot for dining doon.

      Morena Mom

  5.' juvy ann says:

    I love the interiors. Very unique. This would be in my where to eat lists. Thanks!

  6.' Madz says:

    Love the ambiance! The food also looks good!

  7. Im drooling right now. hehe. love the ambiance as well.

  8. I super love the interior, I would love to wake up one morning with that kind of ambiance. That and with a cup of coffee, aaahh that kind of morning! Thanks for sharing!

    •' Richelle says:

      Hi Mommy Mhaan!

      Thanks for swinging by. Exactly! Now I know what theme and where will I spend my retirement. During my visit in Provenciano, I was conceptualizing our retirement. Hahaha

      Morena Mom

  9. It really does exude a provincial vibe. The Guinomis looks good!

  10.' Janice says:

    I am most definitely a foodie! 🙂 There’s a lot of restaurants that I have yet to explore in Maginhawa and this is one of them.

    •' Richelle says:

      Hi Mommy Janice!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I wonder how many restaurant there really were in Maginhawa St. Now, it made me want to explore all of them.

      Morena Mom

  11.' Grace says:

    now that’s what you call Pinoy restaurant. it looks so homey and relaxing especially if you’re used to provincial type of ambiance

  12.' Jackie says:

    Planning to go to Maginhawa Food St. one of these days but wasn’t sure where to go exactly. Nice, now I have an idea! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13.' Denice says:

    Oh! First time I heard of the OpenRice site and app! Something we should try out since we love eating! Thank you for sharing the place as well, it looks so splendid and cozy.

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