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Family is a Gift Conference by Couples For Christ (CFC)

I truly believe that family being the smallest and most critical unit of our society, we should do everything in our power to strengthen and nourish the bonds within it.

For our little family, Paulo and I figured that it will greatly help us as young parents and couple to be involved in a community centered to please and serve our Lord. Thus, we are members of Couples For Christ (CFC). We get our regular dose of spiritual nourishment through household bible studies, fellowships, encouraged personal bible studies, praying if the rosary with your family and enriching conferences.

My Catholic Journey

I maybe the person who could bag most number of awards for the poor-foundation-on-something. I got plenty of stories of this kind, religion is one of them. I was born in a family of Catholics. I never understood what religion was all about more so was faith. Furthermore, I got no idea that there were also other religion aside from it and even aside from being a Christian. “Following blindly” if I can use that. Catholics, my family, to me (before) were blind followers. No one (at least in my family) could explain why us Catholic Christians has statues in our church, why we believe in Mama Mary, the saints etc.