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Then Vs Now: My Morena Story
What is beauty if the brain is empty?

That’s what I always wrote when asked to fill-out an autograph’s or slam note’s section for DEFINE BEAUTIFUL. What a bitter try to answer it right? I don’t know about you but I was made to believe that being morena was not at all beautiful — back in the ’90s I saw tons of beauty ads with a mestiza in it.

Growing up I never believed that I am beautiful. With this photo here, would you? Hahaha


A photo of my 5 year-old self who’s trying to win a contest — it looks like a declamation but I forgot what type this is. This was taken back when “selfie” wasn’t even coined (maybe).  Like having an awesome photo is far-fetched when not in a studio. But I in this photo don’t care, even if the one who captured this doesn’t have the best angle as well. I do not seem to have a slightest clue of the world I live in.

Molon Family

Fast forward to now, I am married, experienced two child births and another one on the way. Fortunate enough to have tried working both in a corporate setting and a home based one. However, things took its course and I now chose to be a SAHM. Parenting seminars? I love attending those as there’s no manual that comes along with motherhood. Being a mom for almost 6 years now, my patience increased by heaps and bounds. With all these, I can say that I grew wiser – I realized that being beautiful is more than a skin color, it’s more of what you are made of; values, confidence and the like. I have my own definition of “beauty” now. We all have, don’t we?

Now, let me talk about selfies. I noticed some if not all of the people were a lot different in terms of physical features in person compared to their photos posted in social media. Excessive use of beauty app? Their choice or the specs of the phone they are using?

Why not #CaptureTheRealYou? I saw this hashtag circulating around and I feel the need to find out what this #OPPOF5 can offer. #CaptureTheRealYou because it has a different beautify feature for a man and a woman. Okay, I have to say that’s nice. Indeed, it’s more realistic and specific that way. It has 220-point dots for a more detailed beautify effect. Meaning, my jaw line, nose, eyes won’t appear different on a selfie. Now I understand why it was said to be the selfie expert. Gone are the days of “expectation versus reality” with this phone. Great!

Back to my story, I just want to say that Christina Aguilera’s lyrics of “Beautiful” rings true.


Because really, I am (we are) beautiful in every single way and words/other else’s opinion should not bring us down.

Live and Love.

Morena Mom

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