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Then Vs Now: My Morena Story

Then Vs Now: My Morena Story
What is beauty if the brain is empty?

That’s what I always wrote when asked to fill-out an autograph’s or slam note’s section for DEFINE BEAUTIFUL. What a bitter try to answer it right? I don’t know about you but I was made to believe that being morena was not at all beautiful — back in the ’90s I saw tons of beauty ads with a mestiza in it.

Growing up I never believed that I am beautiful. With this photo here, would you? Hahaha


A photo of my 5 year-old self who’s trying to win a contest — it looks like a declamation but I forgot what type this is. This was taken back when “selfie” wasn’t even coined (maybe). Like having an awesome photo is far-fetched when not in a studio. But I in this photo don’t care, even if the one who captured this doesn’t have the best angle as well. I do not seem to have a slightest clue of the world I live in.

Molon Family

Fast forward to now, I am married, experienced two childbirths and another one on the way. Fortunate enough to have tried working both in a corporate setting and a home based one. However, things took its course and I now chose to be a SAHM. Parenting seminars? I love attending those as there’s no manual that comes along with motherhood. Being a mom for almost 6 years now, my patience increased by heaps and bounds. With all these, I can say that I grew wiser – I realized that being beautiful is more than a skin color, it’s more of what you are made of; values, confidence and the like. I have my own definition of “beauty” now. We all have, don’t we?

I think what I am trying to say is Christina Aguilera’s lyrics of “Beautiful” rings true.


Because really, I am (we are) beautiful in every single way and words/other else’s opinion should not bring us down.

Live and Love.

Morena Mom

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2 thoughts on “Then Vs Now: My Morena Story

  1. Love this post! You are beautiful sis! Parehas tayo morena and I love our skin color. Tama tama, beauty should not be defined by our looks but by values, character and loving our imperfections. Hope to meet you soon!

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