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Why Tula FTG Is On My Wish List For Baby Number 3?

Why Tula FTG Is On My Wish List For Baby Number 3?

I always say that babywearing has helped me in many ways in this motherhood journey. As I have said countless of times, it’s one of my lifesavers. I was able to cook meals, assist my firstborn on stuff that he likes doing (drawing, writing, building whatever from his blocks etc.), work from home, attend workshops and the list goes on all while wearing my then youngest child Ella.

Attended Martine De Luna’s workshop with Ella soundly sleeping in the carrier. 

Among the carriers I used, so far, I find the SSC(Soft Structured Carrier) as the most convenient for me. You see, I just need to strap my baby on my body and easily clinking the buckles. Hassle-free!

Photo by The Average Snapper

You’re familiar with Tula brand, yes? How about Tula Free-To-Grow (FTG)? Sure, you are! 🙂 In case this will be the first time you heard about it, it’s a fully adjustable, ergonomic Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier has variable width and height settings to customize its fit to your growing baby. This innovative, no fuss design does not require an infant insert and can be used beginning at 7lbs up to 45lbs.

I got to experience this because a fairy godmommy have us borrow her Tula FTG in Discover, Ella was 7 months back then.

Now that we will be having a newborn again, I figured it’s the best time to use and utilize it with a really tiny baby. Also, talk about how much our family can save that we won’t need to shell out for the infant insert’s cost and there’s no need to change the carrier yet up until the baby is 45lbs! And that’s why it’s sitting on my wish list for baby number 3.



1. INNOVATIVE BODY PANEL – Adjusts in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic snug position from newborn, infant and early toddlerhood.

2. DUAL-ADJUSTMENT PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS – Provides optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick and easy adjustments for multiple wearers.

3. BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT TWILL – Hand-made from 100% OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabric.

4. MULTIPLE ERGONOMIC POSITIONS – Back carry and front carry options to provide a natural, ergonomic position best for long term, comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby.

5. WIDE PADDED WAISTBAND – Provides superior comfort to help evenly distribute weight, also includes large front pocket.

6. EXTRA LEG PADDING – Keeps baby comfortable to allow for longer wearing.

7. EASY-TO-ADJUST DESIGN – Multiple adjustment capabilities to find your perfect fit as baby grows. Can be used from 7 – 45 pounds, no infant insert required.

8. COORDINATING BASE & HOOD – Twill base with coordinating removable hood with snaps to support head while sleeping, sun protection while out and about, and extra privacy while nursing.


Now, where to buy you ask? You can check CEO Emporium as it is the Philippine official exclusive distributor of Baby Tula as well as an authorized retailer of Emeibaby, Onya Baby, Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bags, Mother Nurture, and Haakaa Breast Pumps. A mommy-owned business based in Diliman, Quezon City that is focused primarily on babywearing products and accessories and is aimed at spreading awareness about safe babywearing practices and the benefits of babywearing to parents with babies and toddlers.

Can you share what feature do you like about Tula Free-To-Grow?

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One thought on “Why Tula FTG Is On My Wish List For Baby Number 3?

  1. ganda ng ftg mo mommy katuwa? matagl nko member ng bwp at matagal ko na sight si tula . Si ftg magagamit na agad ky baby til paglaki nya❤

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