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Why Try New Johnson’s Baby Detergent?

Why Try New Johnson’s Baby Detergent?

What’s your favorite household chore(s)? Mine is definitely NOT washing my children’s clothes—oh how it pains me to attend to those small articles of clothing! But what can I do? Aside from the fact that motherhood comes with it, I cannot have their items be washed by our neighbor laundry shop as they have sensitive skin. Their Pedia even said it’s close to mild atopic dermatitis. Still atopic dermatitis, right?

Now where do I get the inspiration to fix my issues with washing these pieces? In baby laundry detergent of course! I indulge myself with the fresh, reviving and mild scent of a detergent for their clothes yet promises to be gentle on my babies’ skin. There’s not so many of this in the market. I actually have a favorite brand since my motherhood journey. However, there’s a new player that caught my attention. Why? Johnson’s was a known baby brand for a long time but it’s just now they launched a baby laundry detergent.


Now what do I love about it?


I am big on this (if it wasn’t obvious enough). As I said, I find inspiration in washing those soiled clothing of my children on this. This Johnson’s Laundry Detergent doesn’t need a fabric conditioner after. I am definitely not exaggerating here. After I washed and sun-dried Ella’s bottoms which were so “abused” by foul smell of wee wee and poop, it smelled as if I used a fabric conditioner on it. I also tried it with our ever-reliable baby carrier—all the sweat and dust were there—it handled the job so well!



It claims to soften fabrics after wash. With all honesty, I was hesitant on this claim and was one of the reasons as to why I was thrilled to try this. The eagerness to know if this is true grew stronger when I noticed that I don’t need to use a fabric conditioner after due to its nice-smelling scent. Great, indeed! Yes, it did soften the clothes with not a drop of fab con.


With what I mentioned above, it spells savings, yes? And that’s a plus for a frugal momma here.

Let me add this: Its concentration works well that “a small amount goes a long way” applies. Mabula! Aside from the fact that I enjoy doing the laundry with so much bubbles in the washing machine, I love love the thought of how much a 1 litre of this can handle.

Honestly, price is one of my considerations with everything I purchase when I go supply shopping. It maybe pricey at a glance amongst those others that’s available in the market. But, the fact that it’s matipid with its mabula status, I still save on this.

Note: Don’t be carried away with the bubbles as we have to mind the water consumption too. Laughs.


How do I know? It came with a UV light kit (2) pieces of cloth. One was washed with an adult’s laundry detergent and the other with Johnson’s Baby Laundry Detergent just to compare. It was stated that brighter cloth under the UV light is an indication of harmful residues which can interact and harm our baby’s delicate skin. Truly, the cloth that’s washed with an adult laundry detergent was brighter under a UV light!

It’s really worth it to dedicate a budget for baby laundry detergent as doing so saves our children especially babies from being exposed to harmful chemicals. It’s very important for me to be assured that the detergent I use for my children’s clothes is with no addition for fluorescents, bleach and colourants.

Apologies that I did not manage to snap a photo of the kit because my kids got too excited and ransacked it.

I keep on using the term “detergent” here but really it doesn’t smell like one. I’m poor on describing scents but the most I can say is: It smells fresh.

Johnsons_Active-Clean-Detergent Johnsons-Ultra-Gentle-Detergent

This product is available in leading supermarkets with 2 variants. Johnson’s Ultra Gentle Clean Baby Laundry Detergent for 0-12 months. Johnson’s Active Clean Baby Laundry Detergent is recommended for 12 months old and up. There’s 1L and 500mL refill.





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