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Why Morena Mom Supports Babywearing? + Shadrach’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Aside from being hands-free, babywearing allowed me to do things that I love.
Nini Perez
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Those things Mommy Nini mentioned resonates with me.

This is a long overdue post. I had a crazy work schedule, homeschooling my son, sick children for days, house chores and too many reasons in between for me to be overwhelmed. But yes, now I can share my Shadrach’s 3rd Anniversary event experience.

Besides my awesome husband, babywearing gives my motherhood journey some sort of ease. That is why whenever there’s an event related to it I take the opportunity to show my support.

Shadrach’s Collection celebrated their 3rd anniversary as a dual celebration with the International Babywearing Week or IBW. The event was held in Robinson’s Novaliches and I am from Pasig. Weeks before the event, I really cannot make it as my husband will be unavailable to bring us to the event. The night before, I have to beat a deadline, I really thought I couldn’t make it. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

I missed the Fashion Show which exhibited the brand’s collection and items that we should watch out for next year, but hey, I made it to Ann Santos’ demo!

Ann Santos-Shadrach-Demo

A photo with Mommy Monique and Mommy Ann of Ann Pinay Babywearer.

This was definitely my son’s favorite part of the event, the Zumba:


Can you tell why? Laughs.


I met the woman behind Shadrach’s Collection, she’s the approachable type and nicest. Photo? Urgh, I owe myself that. I made a mental note that if I bump into her again (which I feel that will definitely happen), I’ll snap one.

But what I love most about Mommy Jen Alegarbez was that her business is helping a community of weavers and Nanay weavers at that. It was very touching to know that one of her goals is to continue helping them. Talk about giving back. Yes, the wraps and ringslings of Shadrach’s Collection were handwoven!
So what are the new things I learned? I’m sure I heard these but it’s just from this event that it sticks because of the acronym.

Tight – Must be tightly placed around the wearer’s body.

In view – The child must be in view at all times.

Close – Distance between the child and the wearer must be close enough to kiss.

Keep – Wearer must keep chin off the chest.

Support – Make sure to have the child’s back supported.

Lastly, you might be wondering why there were many types of carriers available. I saw this on one of Mommy Ann’s PDF slides while she’s doing the demo:

Find what works for you.
-There is no one best carrier.
-We all have different body types.
-We have babies of different size.

Check out Shadrach’s Collection on Facebook! Definitely, you can also ask questions and tips if you’re new to babywearing as Mommy Jen’s mission is to help mothers to make their life easier in doing household chores, multitask and spread the joy, benefits, and LOVE for babywearing.

When I first checked the collection GORA was my favorite.


Photo from Shadrach Collection’s FB page


But when I saw this gorgeous, golly, definitely something I am looking forward to next year!😍


Photo from Mommy Jen’s FB account


I hope more moms discover the beauty and benefit(s) of babywearing.

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