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What’s Inside My Hospital Bag? + Jujube BFF short review

What’s Inside My Hospital Bag? + Jujube BFF short review

Today marks the 37th week of my pregnancy with Ena, our third baby. Thus, my hospital needs to be prepared by now and yes it is.

So, what’s inside it?

I will give birth in Shiphrah Birthing Home and these are the things I should consider, that’s why perhaps my hospital bag might be not the typical one:

  • They have this list for us patients to bring there on the day of our delivery.
  • They don’t have Phil Health affiliation, no forms to accomplish. However, you can still claim your maternity benefit from SSS and it will be coming from your employer.
Shiphrah Birthing Home’s list

My husband helped me in preparing the bag. Our experience last year with our second baby taught us that we should prepare it together or at least he should be informed where was each item placed inside the bag or was it in another bag. That will save us time and stress.

Note: This is an overnight worth of clothes as we expect to go home the following day, God willing, just like my delivery with our second child.


Inside the bag were:

Shiphrah prenatal record

1 set of going home clothes for Kuya Elijah

1 set of going home clothes for Ella

1 set of going home clothes for Daddy

1 set of going home clothes for Mommy (me)

1 extra shirts for each member of the family, total of 4 pieces

Baby’s going home clothes; bonet, onsie and PJ, mittens, booties + 1 extra onsie

2 receiving blankets


Basic makeup kit for me

Extra underwear for each

Toiletries; toothbrushes + toothpaste, liquid soap for the kids, soap for adults

2 bath towels, 1 for me and 1 for the kids


4 pcs lampin/cloth diaper

5 pcs newborn diapers

Daster/Comfortable dress


Phones and chargers



Inside the other bag were:

Biscuits/snacks for the kids

Post birth cleaning stuff for the room:

  1. Tissue roll
  2. Rugs
  3. Bleach
  4. Laundry detergent
  5. 2 garbage bags (XL)

5 pcs of adult diapers

1 pack of sanitary napkin

2 packs of surgical gloves 6.5

1 betadine

1 baby oil

1 alcohol 70%


5L drinking water



We’ll just buy food from there, we did not prepare spoon/fork and plates.

Side note:
Since I’m a #bugetarian, I rarely splurge on things I want. It’s more of spending on what I need or our family needs. I had a few diaper bags in the past but we ended up not satisfied with it and change it. Now I found my BFF!

Very happy with this purchase! Truth be told, it took months for my budgetarian self to finally give in to this.

The key things I love about this Jujube BFF are (these are not the full feature yet, I just picked those that’s super helpful for me):

Crumb Drains – I always carry biscuits/light snacks for my children and husband inside our bag, this feature helped me a lot! Very easy to drain the crumbs as there were holes on both corners at the back part of the bag where I insert the snacks.

I hope you can manage to see the crumb drains I encircled.

Memory foam changing pad included – Ever been to a diaper changing station of malls? I experienced this with Ella, there was no liner that’s ready to be used and put your baby on. I’m not so sure if all of the changing stations were like this. But I love how Jujube BFF have the pad handy!

Teflon – There were instances that I don’t have enough time to wait for my husband to reach the parking lot and park the car even during not so good weather conditions. Too much things to do in the house before I can leave for an event that I was almost late and I can only afford to be dropped off at the entrance of the venue. Most of the time, our bag suffers — I’m very thankful that this bag’s material is teflon. Stains don’t stick, too!

Picture pocket – I like it that I can conveniently insert the accumulated receipts during our day out in here. Not crumpled. Easy to find.

Detachable and adjustable messenger strap – I won’t lie and say this is a light weight bag, it isn’t. The weight of the bag alone is 2.80 Lbs. It’s a structured one, I think, that’s maybe why. But, this messenger straps helped me bringing it with ease, as I have the option to distribute the weight to my body while wearing Ella and holding Kuya Elijah with one hand.

So, yes, I guess it’s called BFF because it’ll keep your stuff in an ultra organized way!

Oh while we’re at it, you can check CEO Emporium as it is the Philippine official exclusive distributor of  Baby Tula as well as an authorized retailer of Emeibaby, Onya Baby, Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bags, Mother Nurture, and Haakaa Breast Pumps.

End of side note. 😀


Can you share what’s in your hospital bag? The midwives shared, in one of my conversations with them, that tis the season of pregnant women based on their experience in Shiphrah Birthing Home. So, your turn.

Share away!

8 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Hospital Bag? + Jujube BFF short review

  1. Parang same tayo ng mga dala eh. Kasi whole family din kami pumunta sa ospital. At nakulangan pa nga kami sa damit dahil naging 1 week yung stay namin dun. Hahaha

    Good luck and God bless. Praying for your safe delivery.

  2. Halos same lang tayo ng laman hehhe mas marami lamg akomg dala may baby kesa sayo hehe pero swak na yan mommy kaexcite. Di rin kami dala food or whatever bumili nlng sa labas . Super nice ng jujube dahil sa features na yan esp crumb drains dahil mahilig ako magbaon.

  3. Nakaka-excite ang manganak lalo na pag bumibili ng gamit ni baby and mommy..hayy kung nsa 20’s lang ako gusto ko pa ng isa baby? anyway Congratulations in advance..God bless❤️

  4. Since I have four kids you can expect that I’ve used a lot of different diaper bags since giving birth to my eldest. With our fourth child though, I opted not to get one. I find that I don’t really like looking like I’m carrying a diaper bag. So I opted to just use my regular bags. To organize the baby stuff, I just place a bag organizer inside. Works great for me. Best wishes on your upcoming delivery, by the way. Lapit na! 🙂

  5. Your list is very helpful specially for first time moms. Naalala ko with my eldest I didn’t have a hard time writing my to-bring list, I was taught by my mom, especially when she gave birth to our youngest sibling.
    Congratulations sis and good luck! 🙂

  6. I dont recall anymore whats in my maternity bag, my youngest is now 10yo. I remember though bringing copies of our marriage certificate and a guide for my husband in filling up our baby’s birthcertificate. I dont want him to mess up the name spelling and all the other data.

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