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Tree Top Adventure’s Team Building Activities

Tree Top Adventure’s Team Building Activities
Going to Baguio soon for a company outing? Or maybe you and your barkada decided to escape the Metro and travel up to the City of Pines for some soothing feel and try something different?

Tree Top Adventure Nature Parks offer unique team building facilities that’s first of its kind in the Philippines. Tree Top offers 12 team games at Tree Top Subic, and 8 team games at Tree Top Baguio.

I happen to experienced Tree Top Baguio couple of days ago. I totally enjoyed their team building activities. With bloggers that only see each other during blog-related events, those activities helped us appreciate and get to know each other more.

It started with each team’s cheering presentation.


What are the other activities we did?

Loop Lift

Using only our index fingers, each of us tried to lower a loop with a marble on its center and another individual marble in front of us until a certain height. This practiced the team’s patience and coordination.

Bar Balancer


A bar lifting challenge that also required marbles be balanced in bars; a fun game that tested our team’s patience and coordination skills.

Gem Drop


This challenged our coordination skills to accomplish a perfect cube drop using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible.

ABC Game

We were asked to form two lines back to back with our teammates. Each of us says one letter from the alphabet, and tries to recite all the letters in proper sequence.



We were given pipes which we used to transfer a ping pong ball from one station to another without letting the ball fall to the ground.

Plank Step


Team members must travel from one station to another without touching the floor using only the planks provided.

Treasure Hunt



Bulol: Ifugao rice granary gods.


Each team was given pieces of a map we need to form to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the Bul-ol–the treasure–after that, we’ll be given the envelope which contains the phrase we have to solve.

Did I mention their team building facilitators are the coolest?

I walked out of Tree Top Adventure Nature Park more at ease with each individual who’s part of the event, feeling a bond that was formed in that nature park.

I recommend booking your company team building activity at Tree Top Adventure. Or if you’re a barkada that’s looking for fun-filled adventure, it’s best to try this thing at Loakan Road, Camp John Hay.


NOTE: All photos used were by Mr. Eric Tan

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