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Tree Top Adventure: Extreme Experience + Nature

I thought it was thrilling enough to drive up to Baguio City but I was wrong. Tree Top Adventure is far nerve-racking.

Part of the Bloggers’ Baguio Event I attended was to #ExperienceTheExtreme at Tree Top Adventure. Did I mentioned there’s also a Tree Top Adventure in Subic? Yes, they have one there too.



Oh you think you can compare the experience to being in one of our local “enchanting” theme parks? I’ll say no. I love how I was encapsulated with nature while trying out each stations. Best of all, the park uses an original tree trunk clamping mechanism to make sure that trees are not harmed in their spectacular natural setting. 

The 8 thrilling stations at Tree Top Adventure Baguio:

Canopy Ride (4 Stations)
Silver Surfer
Superman Ride
Tree Drop Adventure
Funicular Ride

The famous 60 feet tall Tree Drop. They say when you get to Tree Top Adventure broken hearted or feeling the weight of the world on your shoulder, it can help. Laughs.

Here are the videos from Charming Lani:

The Superman Ride


Okay, I haven’t tried everything in there. Fear of heights ate my system. If only my husband was there, I’m sure I could have conquered every station. But here are the stations that I managed to try:

Morena Mom in Canopy Ride

Photo by Rej Sibayan

The Canopy Ride. As I mentioned above, there are 4 canopy ride station, yes I rode 4 times. I did it, yay!


The Funicular Ride.

I felt secured, comfortable and safe with its proponent’s engineering background and expertise while in those stations.

If you’re coming to Baguio anytime soon, it’s great to experience Tree Top Adventure Park in Loakan Road, Camp John Hay.


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