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The Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks

I felt lucky and giddy with excitement when Elijah and I got invited to the trade launch of Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks. Blessing! As someone who is planning to homeschool, I wanted to know what this Pawbook from Scholastic has to offer. Furthermore, I know whoever the speaker(s) they have invited, can share vital advice on how to encourage our child to love reading, enhance his comprehension skills and vocabulary in a fun way in the future .


At home, I observed that our little boy was excited to flip the pages of these sets because of it is nicely colored.


Through the excerpts of the GSA series in these Pawbooks, I noticed how Geronimo Stilton stories are very well written. The excerpts and illustration will make learners more engaged in learning. I believe it will be easier for Paulo and I to encourage Elijah to sit down and work on these sets soon—I mean, who won’t be delighted with stories about adventures? Also, comprehension questions will help greatly in developing higher-order reading skills. I’m excited for him to use these books the soonest.


I especially love the teacher’s guide-like on the side in each excerpts. This will help us parents as teachers to make story time fun and more lively.

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Paulo is considering to buy GSA story books on our next bookstore visit. Yay, perfect bed time reads! He is confident that Elijah will be interested to hear Geronimo, Thea and the rest of the gang’s adventure. And years from now, with stories he is familiar with, it will inspire him to use the Pawbooks on his own, comprehend better, remember vocabulary words effectively and do the exercises independently with enthusiasm.

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