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The First Book Museum cum Ethnology in Asia is in Marikina City!
Don’t you want to take a visit to Asia’s first Book Museum cum Ethnology?

I was delighted to know that there’s a museum (it’s not just a museum, actually) proximate to the city where we live–Book Museum Cum Ethnology–it is located at 127 Dao St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City.

Book Museum Parking


As a soon-to-be homeschooling family, I have included this place to my list of to-visit for our field trips. And I am very much excited to come back again with my two boys.

Inside, there were three buildings and the James Dean Diner; The Ethnology Museum 1 for Northern Philippines on the left, the Book Museum building in the middle and on the right is the Ethnology Museum 2 for Southern Philippines.

Book Museum Facade



A little background about Book Museum cum Ethnology:

It is owned by Rex Group of Companies’ patriarch Atty. Dominador Buhain—yes one of those companies is Rex Bookstore. ADB visited 211 countries and islands making him one of the most traveled person in Asia. And this book musem and ethnology centers housed his diverse collections from his travels.

Teasers of what you can see inside:

Book Museum

Law Books

Law Books Collection

The Little Prince

The palm-sized The Little Prince book.

Miniature Shakespeare Collection

Miniature Shakespeare Book Collection

Anthony and Cleopatra

This is how small each book is, yet still readable.

Inside the Book Museum

This was how the Book Museum looked inside.

Notice that humongous right foot statue made in marble at the center? Let’s take a look on another angle:

Right Foot

It was chosen to be Book Museum cum Ethnology’s logo aside that it symbolizes Atty. Buhain being one of the most traveled men in Asia, it is also part of the body which signifies readiness, mobility and progress.


Ethnology Centers

Head Hunter

The Head Hunter

Noseflute Player

The Noseflute Player



Maranao Chess

The Maranao Chess.

Bilaan House


And finally, the James Dean Diner. ADB decided to include this inside the compound of his museum as he idolizes the deceased actor—this diner is inspired by the James Dean in the center of Prague. Inside this is the souvenir shop where books authored and compiled by the proponent could be purchased at reasonable prices.

James Dean Diner

I only showed few photos. Just to not spoil your thrill in visiting. There were tons of interesting things inside this wonderful place; global collection of books/documentations from different countries and more precious artifacts from Cordillera and Southern part of the Philippines.

Homeschoolers or not we are all most welcome in this enriching spot in Marikina City.

I hope for my family and I to meet and greet Mr. Buhain soon. Hopefully, on our next visit.



Lookie! The museum has a promo! Visit The Book Museum and get 10% off on two of the best restaurants in Marikina.

Book_Food Promo

Photo from @bookmuseumph on Instagram



We had a sumptous lunch at Greg and Sally Garden Cafe; a grand day with food and nature.

Greg and Sally Collage


And our snacks at a very tranquil yuppies’ haven Bubba Lab. Awesome theme they have, I super like!

Bubba Lab


For inquiries call (02) 570-4449 or email

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