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Santorini by Sta. Lucia Residenze

Santorini by Sta. Lucia Residenze

Last Mother’s Day, I attended an event for mothers like myself in Sta Lucia Mall. Being in that mall again after more than a decade was somewhat overwhelming. A short back story: I was an incoming third year student in high school when we transferred to Laguna for good. I just came back here in Pasig when I got married just so we’ll be closer to my husband’s workplace. I remember spending most of my weekends then in the confines of that mall with family or friends. When the event was finished, I chanced upon someone who explained Santorini to me and why a condotel was a good investment.


With the accessibility to most of the event location concerning blogging be that in BGC, Makati or QC I have second thoughts of buying a house somewhere else and leave Pasig City.

Santorini Tower by Sta. Lucia Residenze

Condotel as explained to me was a condominium and a hotel that offers style and prestige. Legally it is a condominium but is being operated like a luxury hotel. Its like living in truly first class hotel-like home in a major city or resort.

Santorini Bedrooms

The Unit

Since Sta. Lucia Residenze is completely owned, owners will be given a Condominium Certificate of Title as proof of ownership and it is fully transferable. Also you can start receiving your quarterly dividends once the Condotel is operational, investors will receive the same income per square meter. Investment here is self liquidating, for as low as 20% down payment the unit owner can start receiving dividends, the dividend can be allocated for the unit’s monthly amortization, quarterly share is to be credited to the investors bank account, and the dividend are net of other property fees. And lastly, Sta. Lucia Residenze owners are given 30-day complimentary hotel room accommodation with hotel standard service annually. A portion of the 30-day complimentary can be utilized in other Sta. Lucia hotels in Tagaytay, Subic, Cebu and Davao. Pretty impressive, right?

Who can forget to ask about the amenities?



Sta. Lucia Residenze will feature resort-type amenities right outside your own private space, which includes a swimming pool, a kiddie pool, children’s playground, fitness facilities, open gazebo, landscaped garden which will be manned by 24-hour security to guarantee residents’ safety.

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I was thinking, a monthly rental that we were shelling out yet no investment was gained? This might be what’s for us considering accessibility to places I’ll be frequently in and our on-hand budget for a house to call our own. Nowadays, condo living has become an affordable and at the same time more convenient alternative to a conventional house and lot home.

Buying a house soon too on a semi-tight budget and you’re not ready yet to let go of the convenience an accessible location? You might want to consider Satorini Tower by Sta. Lucia Residenze.

For inquiries call (02) 584-1164 and avail of special discounts. Also visit and

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