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Real Moms Diapers: Comfort and Cost do mix!

Real Moms Diapers: Comfort and Cost do mix!

Disposable diapers are one of the consumables of our babies.

What factors do you consider when buying a diaper?

With all the expenses in our homes, I don’t know about you but me, I make sure that everything is within our budget. However, there are a few exceptions especially when it’s about food and my children. But you see, there are occasions that COMFORT and COST mix so well! That’s what I am always in a lookout for.

There’s this new brand of diaper in the market that fits the bill: REAL MOMS DISPOSABLE DIAPERS!

A brief backgrounder:

Our Kuya Elijah is potty trained already. Ella, my second child is the only one using disposable diapers. She’s somewhat a heavy wetter and ultra likoooot. She can literally turn the house upside down. Oh what strong arms and legs she has on that petite body.


My short review of Real Moms Diaper:


It’s very affordable for the features it offers.

Medium (34 pcs) – 225.78

Large (32 pcs) – 242.88

XL (30 pcs) – 263.40

I developed a habit of computing per pad or piece to compare the prices of each item in my grocery list. So, for this:

Medium of Real Moms diaper per pad is 6.64

Large of Real Moms diaper per pad is 7.59

XL of Real Moms diaper per pad is 8.78



Real Moms dry diaper aims to be exactly that, DRY!

Indeed it stayed so dry which eliminated the chance of Ella to have rashes while on it.

Just my takeaway for this, follow the recommended 2 to 4 hours change time — common rule for diapers, maybe. Don’t be like me; I went overboard on the hours it has to be changed only because I was too confident that it had delivered what it promised: Dries wetness before touching baby’s skin — SUPER DRY. But our Ella was super likot that the diaper sagged when full of wee. Yup, if your baby is a heavy wetter too, it’s a given to change every 2 hours, my bad.


The material of its flexible waist band that did not leave a mark on my baby’s skin.

I experienced this with other brand(s) that their flexible waist band triggered some rashes on Ella’s lower back due to irritation. I figured it has something to do with the material, a garter on that matter. Real Moms diaper has this thin gater material that’s not irritating baby’s skin.


No extra material on the side part.

My pet peeve with OTHER AFFORDABLE DIAPERS is that it seems to have extra material on the side part, the area where we stick the types on. To me, a confirmation that I bought it cheap with minimum effort from its manufacturer to at least make it appear good. The trade-off: Affordable = so so quality in both appearance and features. It isn’t like that with Real Moms. And


Its cover is soft, cottony and breathable!

I love how it indeed provided the balance of being affordable and on a quality level.



To sum it up, yes, this brand won a permanent spot on my grocery list.



Order yours via:

Facebook: realmomsph

Instagram: phrealmoms




Do you want to try it, too? Join the giveaway below!

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I will raffle off 1 pack each of Real Moms diaper for 3 winners on Sept 30.

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11 thoughts on “Real Moms Diapers: Comfort and Cost do mix!

  1. wow mommy..affordable nga..yung bunso nagsusuot pa din ng diaper at very mabusisi talaga ako pagdating sa diaper kasi mahirap na kapag nagkarashes kawawa ang baby

  2. Hoping to win this nagrarashes ang baby ko sa Lampein nung niLarge ko sya 🙁 as of now gamit nya po sweet baby hehe pero gusto po matry itong diaper na to momshie. Un lang po godbless sana isa sa mapili.

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