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National Teacher’s Month Giveaway + E-Book Review

During my high school days especially years before I was endorsed to college, I cannot recall if we were given exercises which can somehow help us develop our workplace readiness skills.

With this new e-book “Embracing Work Readiness in Teaching Language Arts”, I love how it provides great activities that teachers can use to make their lessons on Adaptability, Goal Setting and Working with Others stick to their pupils’ minds. This can be a powerful tool to pique the interest of these soon-to-be professionals in preparing for the Real World and develop the desire to equip themselves for the globally competitive workforce they’ll face after college. For these exercises can definitely hone their speaking, creative thinking and a lot more.

Book Cover

However, I expected to see refreshers on Grammar Practice Section just so the teachers won’t need to scan another book for a review on tenses etc. Nonetheless, the author did great in writing this book. I felt the love and concern she has for students. I also like the choice of words and the simple writing style she used which cuts the complication in understanding the purpose of this e-book.

       It is my hope that we can train our younger generation to establish goals for themselves and impart to them its importance.
Embracing Work Readiness in Teaching Language Arts, pg 18

Being that we’ll homeschool our little boy, definitely, I will use the things that was shared in this book.

In line with the celebration of National Teacher’s Month, copies of the said e-book will be given away!


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3.Give your teacher a wonderful gift this National Teacher’s Month! Just write a 150 word-essay describing what you do or have done to empower the youth. Format your work in MS Word, Tahoma, 12pt, 1 inch margin all sides.

4. Email your entry at with the subject line- firstname.lastname.EMPOWER THE YOUTH. Provide age, city and country.

5. This is open to ALL Filipino not just Filipino Teachers but ALL Filipinos world wide.

6. Send your essay before Oct 8, Thursday.

7. Winners will be announced on Oct 12, Monday.


All participants will also receive a surprise complimentary material from the author.



Maria Nerizza S. Veloso-Liyanage is a Filipino educator who is in the process of strengthening her ground in teaching. She earned her Bachelor in Secondary Education in English from the Philippine Normal University and passed the Licensure Examinations for Teachers in 2005. She has recently completed her Master of Education in Leadership and School Improvement from the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Over the last ten years, she has gained a repertoire of experiences from taking various support and leadership roles in customer service, training, organizing extracurricular activities and events, writing press releases, marketing, public relations, and liaising with different organizations for students’ on-the- job training. She has taught both in the classroom and in online setting. She has taught English and communication to Filipino, Bruneian, Korean, and Japanese students.
The Author
She is currently teaching communication and business subjects in a private college in Brunei Darussalam. Teaching abroad has contributed greatly to her personal and professional growth. Working in a foreign country where cultural diversity is very strong has made her understand people in different ways. Her work mentalities and philosophies have changed over the last seven years. She does not consider herself a writer, but through this book, she would like to be able to share to young educators how to equip their students with practical employability skills.


This e-book is available in Amazon. Link here.

You may also follow her at and on Snippets of Wonders FB Page.

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