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My Mother’s Day 2018 at Century Mall

My Mother’s Day 2018 at Century Mall

I never would have this appreciation of Mother’s Day if I did not become a mom myself. Malls jam-packed on this day is a normal scenario. Sure I am one of those who would patiently line up in the long lines of people outside or inside a bakeshop to get their Mama a cake for this day. But I never would understand how much a mom deserves more than that until I too became one of them. Motherhood is more than just doing the piles of laundry or preparing a meal. It’s the willingness to give yourself if needed to those children of yours. That is maybe why a mommy deserves more than a cake for that day.

That being said, how did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Our little family and I were treated by the Century Mall.

We were served with sumptuous buffet lunch while serenaded by Expression Music Academy.  How relaxing it is to just enjoy the food and forget all the chores left at home?


An informative demo of Philip’s appliances with Chef Edward Bugia. Did you spot the Air Fryer? It’s sitting on my wish list for a year now maybe. I really think were buying one sooner rather than later. Because my 2018 goal list includes “to cook healthy meals” and we all know fried food is not that health. I love how this one doesn’t use oil in cooking but Rapid Air Technology.


A bento demo by Mommy Kaye of BentoMommas. Oh I always wanted to try making a bento box/baon. Maybe after baby number three is out.

Interesting fact I picked up from @momma_makes_imbento : Bento has been a status symbol in Japan.


Ms. Abbie Yabot, one of my favorites, is also there to talk about Toddler Care. And although I’ve attended a few talks with her, there’s always something new to learn.


Even if motherhood entails a lot of chores, demands left and right from little creatures we have (sometimes husbands makes lambing on something too) and what have you, it shouldn’t give us the license to be ugly or look haggard. On the event, Avon got us covered!

A make-up demo and skin care tips by Avon — the company for women.


Lastly, Century Mall also gave treat for children which even my husband and I enjoyed. A visit by the adorable prince Pinkfong from planet Staria made our Kuya Elijah and all of the kids jump and smile from ear to ear.


Since our marriage, Mother’s Day has been a special day for me courtesy of my husband. But for this year, I love how we enjoyed it as family. This makes me  look forward for another one next year.

How about you? How did you celebrate Mother’s Day 2018?





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