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My Breastfeeding Journey

So, yes, I was unprepared as I have said on my previous post in this blog. I really thought my body was not producing enough milk for Elijah. I fell for the Tap Up Trap until he is 8-month old. No matter how much I hear from my best friend and read on in Breastfeeding Pinay how important that breast milk alone should be in our babies’ system for the first 6 months of their life. The struggle is real.

I saw from the files in the group that there’s someone who can help, it was Nanay Ynez Fernadez of Arugaan. She was an IBCLC. It sounded foreign to me that’s why I resorted to asking Mr. Google what IBCLC means. He said: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. “Clinical management” struck me that I felt I must go there with my Mother so we can be both educated. If you plan of going there too, part of the protocol is to call and set an appointment with Nanay Ynez for Arugaan is a Creche and she’s giving her service for free. Side note: Arugaan Creche is formerly located at Philippine Agency Bldg in Visayas Ave., QC but now in Marikina.

Fast forward, it is the day before Chinese New Year of 2014 when Elijah was exclusively breastfed. I really felt sorry that it was late but I learned my lesson and hope God allows that it won’t happen again with my next babies (There are reasons why you cannot breastfeed and a perfect example would be is a Mother who suffers from breast cancer and her breast(s) was removed).
The visit to Arugaan was very informative. Nanay Ynez discussed the 21 dangers of giving formula to babies, which when I heard, fueled my determination to really stick to breastfeeding Elijah. Tons of things were tackled; the comparison of a baby’s latching mechanism with the breast versus a free flowing milk on a TYPICAL feeding bottle (because there are feeding bottles available in the market that if the baby will not suck it, the milk wont flow) which will affect the way they speak greatly. The protein component of a mother’s milk over formula milk and a lot more.

Nanay Ynez gave me this book which has great topics on breastfeediing and also complementary feeding.

I have a classmate during that session, Mommy Almondz and her son. I met the cutest 3-month old in the world, maybe—Singkit.
It was really tempting  to just get back to mix feeding him especially when there is a significant difference on his weight. But I hold everything together and chose to continue feed him with my milk and solids.

When Elijah was used to eating, his weight gradually became okay. Praise God.

Up to this writing, Im still breastfeeding our little boy. As I have mentioned on my first post, because extended breastfeeding has great benefits according to the latest scientific studies.

Happy breastfeeding!

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