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Mott’s 100% Juice Drink is now in Single Serves!

Mott’s 100% Juice Drink is now in Single Serves!
I have known of Mott’s Apple Juice as a US brand favorite for picnics available in gallons. Finally, Mott’s introduced the newest member of their family—an in can drink sealed and filled with the same 100% apple fruit goodness that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere.


Welcoming this newest addition, Mott’s invited families to join them in an afternoon of outdoor fun and play.

Mott's Apple Juice


These were the games Elijah and I enjoyed:

Ring Toss




Also in that event was Janice Villanueva and her family—as the founder was Mott’s Philippines official brand ambassador. Mommy Janice inspired modern moms like myself on a mission to balance career and family to serve meals that are full of health benefits, especially something our kids will love.

The Villanuevas

I’m the happiest when easy to follow recipes was shared by Philippine-US registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Cheshire Ques, RND, RN, RDN which I can add to my list of meals, savory snacks and belly warming or cooling beverages for my boys.


Visit Mott’s Philippines on Facabook.

This event was also in partnership with Jolly Al Dente, Lotus Biscoff, Great Leap Academy and Crayola.

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