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Motherhood Doesn’t Come With a Manual But

Motherhood Doesn’t Come With a Manual But

We know that pregnancy and motherhood altogether is tough. I remember when it was my first time to be a mom, I didn’t know what to expect and feel. Over the years I figured that there were FREE workshops especially on parenting just like this Pregnancy Pause series. Last week, for Pregant Pause 21, Baby Dove partnered up with Mommy Mundo to provide a space for moms to talk about the realities of motherhood – struggles, fear and excitement.

It started with Rome Kanapi’s workshop – she’s one of the pioneers in childbirth education in the country and helping expectant parents since 1981. It was a very helpful talk for the attendees as step-by-step on how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to prepare for labor and delivery, how to manage labor pain were discussed. It was a compressed version of Ms. Rome’s regular childbirth class.

My takeaways from her seminar:

-It’s NOT true moms with narrow hip bones will have a difficult labor and that mommies with big hip bones will have an easy labor. It isn’t dependent on the size of the hip bones.

-Do slow breathing when you’re in pain/labor as it can help lessen it.

-Tuck your head in while you’re pushing your baby. That’s the ideal way to do it because our diaphragm pushes the uterus in doing so.

-There are four items you need to check about the Amniotic Fluid:

  • Color – if it’s clear, normal. Brown, still okay. But if it’s black or green, meconium is present and it’s not good. Go to the hospital or birthing home!
  • Odor – does it smell like urine or it’s really the amniotic fluid?
  • Amount – to identify if it’s just urine or the amniotic bag already.
  • Time – if it’s amniotic fluid, you should deliver your baby within 12 to 24 hours.

After the “Childbirth 101”, Ms. Tin Domingo the brand manager for Baby Dove discussed the #RealMoms campaign.

I truly admire Baby Dove in assuring us moms that we are not alone in this motherhood journey and that there are no perfect moms, just real ones.

I always say that I am a Dove Girl – not only that I love using their products but their campaigns were closest to my heart. For more than a decade they’ve been helping women realize that there are no perfect women, just real ones. They helped me realize being beautiful is not limited to mestizas, that our beauty is a source of confidence. Now that their line for babies, Baby Dove, is now in the Philippines it’s extending that same message to mothers which goes beyond mildness, to help moisturize baby’s skin.

Superior product with superior philosophy.


Shortly after, the segment Mommy Talk followed. It was such a tap in the back for a mom like me. An affirmation that motherhood is truly difficult yet fulfilling through the sharing panel’s mom journey. There’s no hard and fast rule, indeed. Remember, there are no perfect moms, just real ones!


And it won’t be Pregnant Pause without games and giveaways!

First batch of winners
My favorite game on that event.

Attending this kind of events gives you the chance to exchange Hi and Hellos to other parents/moms and learn from their journey as well.


Lastly, I just want to commend Baby Dove for having installations as nice as always. You see, I’m a mom of three and luckiest to attend the 3 out of the 21 Pregnant Pause series.

Lovely installations


Be sure to visit Mommy Mundo’s FB page for updates and schedules on FREE workshops this.

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