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Morena Mom’s Smart Parenting Baby Shower Experience

I never liked baby showers, I declined a friend’s idea of organizing a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with Elijah. To me, it will just provide me anything but hassle. That changed last week.

Baby Showers are helpful to expectant moms, I realized while attending Smart Parenting’s Baby Shower event. Imagine a knowledge sharing session for moms-to-be from moms and professionals that can be useful to their own motherhood journeys. Learnings they gained will help them feel relaxed and prepared in welcoming a new life.

It was held in Drake and Columbus Function Room, 42nd Floor Discovery Suites, Ortigas. Daddies, children and nannies can stay either at the Kids Room located at 5th floor of Discovery Suites, or at the Lounge Area/Serendipity Lounge located at 22nd floor. The Podium mall is also just right across the venue if they want to be entertained or eat while waiting.

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Photo by Smart Parenting

Brands on sale for parents who are still completing their shopping of baby stuff.


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This event is Smart Parenting’s partnership with Downy Baby Gentle, where mothers were given first-hand information about the importance of choosing baby-friendly products that are tested by dermatologists and certified safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

There were 4 talks in that event on different topics but there were two topics I liked the most; Your Birth of Choice–Natural, Medicated, C-Section, Water Birth by Betty San Luis and Baby Sign Language by Sharon Agoncilla-Galang.


Photo by Smart Parenting

Ms. Betty is the main Childbirth Mentor of Birthing is a Blessing; a certified Doula with Childbirth International (CBI), a global training organization committed to establishing international standards for childbirth education programs and doula training. She also conducts Childbirth Preparation Classes and nurtures birthing mothers through her Doula Support Service. Hearing her stories and experiences in her field, I now know how to manage my labor to my succeeding children.


Sharon Agoncillo

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Mommy Sharon Agoncillo-Galang, shared the benefits and advantages of having your child practice baby sign language. She is an Independent Certified Instructor (ICI) of the Baby Signs® Program and a passionate speaker with 18 years of hands-on experience on the different fields of Early Education, Training and Development, Training Management and Leadership.

Bib Activities

Photo by Smart Parenting

Yoga Session

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They also have great activities on that event! Writer, stylist, and travel blogger, Coni Tejada, conducted a fun activity; scribbling baby bibs, while other guests learned about and experienced Pre-natal Yoga with Urban Ashram.

In between breaks from the talks, expectant moms were showered with great raffle prizes from all of the event sponsors.

The event was graced by TV host-author and first-time mother, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, who describes herself as a hands-on mother despite her busy schedule. Bianca shared her experiences as first time mom to her 5-month daughter Lucia Martine. I admire how practical she was with regard to her baby’s clothes. How she happily shared that baby Lucia’s clothes were either gifts or hand-me-downs. According to her they only bought few pieces of gender neutral onesies so that if they happen to be blessed with a boy for baby number 2, he can still use those.

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All the mommies came home not only with useful Downy Baby Gentle Goodies, but also with helpful tips and relevant information they can use once their little ones arrive – thanks to Smart Parenting and Downy Baby Gentle. Visit their Facebook page for more information about the importance of dermatologist-tested fabric conditioners, as well as Gentle Softness Tips and How-Tos.

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