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Morena Mom’s Short MamyPoko Pants Review

If you are following this blog, you know that I am a cloth diaper and disposable diaper user momma. My 44-month old little guy was already potty trained but I still need diapers whenever we go on a long drive. At his age, pants type, I figured, is the most appropriate one.

Amongst the brands I tried so far, MamyPoko is what I liked best because:

  1. Its waist band is ultra reliable, it doesn’t snap easily when I’m trying to pull it up.
  2. This diaper worked best for my super likot toddler, #InstaSuot indeed—when Im trying to change his nappy but he wants to just play. No hassle in changing even inside the car or small critical spaces.
  3. Its pad’s thickness is just enough, not so thick that it will cause inconvenience in my son’s movements yet not so thin; easy for me to determine when it’s time to change.
  4. It can hold great load of pee and poop.
  5. The part I liked best: It has this tape at the back (at least for this variant I’m using) that’s very helpful in times of disposing it. Rolling it and keeping it rolled is a breeze.TapeReliable Tape
  6. Nice prints available!

And that’s my short review of this diaper. I love love MamyPoko pants now!

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  1.' Linalyn Labahanan says:

    Linalyn Labahanan

  2.' Rizza Talastas says:

    Will try this. My son is 33 month old. 😊 -Rizza Talastas SLM

  3.' Danica Sta.Ana says:

    Maganda po ba yang mamypoko?
    Parang gusto ko itry lalo na malapit na ko manganak sa twins ko.

  4.' rodelisa liboon rafol says:

    I love mamypoko 2!☺

  5.' Liza Parafina says:

    Thanks po sa reviews.

  6.' Glena Pelagio says:

    I like MommyPoko

  7.' Princess aragon says:


  8. MamyPoko is ❤❤❤

  9.' allyn dela cruz says:

    dyosa allyn

  10.' Rodelie Idaniol says:

    Rodelie Idaniol

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