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Morena Mom’s ShopSM Experience

Morena Mom’s ShopSM Experience

What are your options in terms of Shopping or just buying things when you’re a mom of three children all under seven years old? Should I mention that we don’t have a Yaya at home to assist me whenever I need to head out for a quick run of an errand? Oh! That made me remember that I cannot drive and totally rely on my husband’s availability before I can go anywhere with all of our kids in tow.

My husband? He is adorable and heaven-sent in tons of ways BUT he can only do so much in terms of going out to buy me the stuff I need from the mall; 1) Our choices are totally different and even if I have listed every item down to quantity to what size, he’ll still end up buying one or two wrong item. We can’t judge men, maybe they’re minds were occupied with a lot of stuff from work or they’re plainly wired like that. 2) He works full time and by the time he is free, I am dead guilty to request that he drive us to the nearest mall because it will take us 45 minutes minimum instead of staying at home and rest. I kid you not when I said it takes us that long to drive to the nest of all convenience near our area. Yes, that’s remote we are to the city.

Now, DELIGHTED is an understatement when I discovered there’s this ShopSM and the convenience it can bring me.

Haven’t heard of ShopSM? ShopSM is the online shopping platform of The SM Store.

We all know that the largest department store chain in the Philippines carries a variety of our favorite items in every department: from menswear to womenswear, shoes to bags, and baby essentials to kids’ wear. They also carry popular toys, select cosmetics and beauty products, kitchen appliances and things for the home—which includes hardware! Guess what? Same fantastic deals and brands put into this.


Few of the categories ShopSM offers

My favorite is Hosh Philippines. A feast to my mommy eyes! They have a variety of mattress protector (which I totally need this at this point as my two baby girls are on the potty training stage) kitchen stuff like frypans of all sizes, tea sets, hangers, comforters, glass jars and a lot more!

The risk of receiving fake items was eliminated as ShopSM promised that all of their customers will find authentic products from brands we already love seeing at their stores. Memorize mo yan, Momshie. Uso na yan ngayon.

Who doesn’t like rewards? Ilabas ang advantage card! You can enroll it without the hassle and earn points whenever you shop at ShopSM just like how it is when shopping at SM stores!

It’s very easy to enroll your existing SM Advantage card! Just hit the + sign beside the “Add your SM Advantage” which will be found at the checkout page.


There! Your advantage card is added to your profile.

Great news! If you’re already an SM Advantage Card, SM Prestige, or BDO Rewards cardholder, you can earn points at ShopSM, just as you do in SM stores.

You will see at the Summary page how many SMAC points will be added to your card together with the amount of shipping fee.

The promise of getting our items quicker, faster, and easier, secure payments, you can have your package delivered straight to your home adding to a smooth online experience. There’s also a pickup option during your lunch break or as part of your day off, we also offer a “Click and Collect” option at The SM Store. All you have to do is select your preferred branch at checkout, and we’ll have it ready for you in-store. Either way you choose, you can pay through credit card or cash-on-delivery.

Convenient diba? Did you try ShopSM yet? Try na!


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