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Morena Mom Thoughts: We owe to ourselves to feel and look great.

Morena Mom Thoughts: We owe to ourselves to feel and look great.

Who doesn’t like to look pretty at least in the eyes of their husbands? Or relatives to assure them that you’re doing fine although overwhelmed with motherhood. Or just feel beautiful for yourself, right?

Our hair is our crowning glory. Best thing about this is that we can experiment with it and make it appealing. Boring hair is no fun! Human hairs can be in whatever style; curly hair, with bundles or pixie cut like mine.

Recently I had a haircut and it made me feel good. “I felt great.” — that will be an understatement.

A before and after look:

We don’t need look haggard and all. We can reinvent ourselves just by discovering how can we look happy and beautiful through our hairstyle.

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I am a mom of two plus another one on the way.

Browse Pinterest or some websites for ideas and accessories you want to purchase.

Yes, motherhood is tiring. I tell you, I can say that the whole day because that’s a fact about it. But hey, we don’t have to tell the world that. Also, to look great starts by feeling good from within. We owe it to ourselves to at least look presentable, I guess. We have to love the “me”. We have to be mindful of the “I”. Who will be the first one to take care of you but you, correct?

I checked this online store for stuff for hair with great deals on Aliexpress.

Stay beautiful, motherhood is not an excuse – that’s what I learned from this journey.

-Morena Mom

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