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Morena Mom Story: We Are Now Using Feeding Bottles

Morena Mom Story: We Are Now Using Feeding Bottles

This momma gave in to using feeding bottles after a mini rollercoaster ride of events.

The backstory:

Right now I am on my 28th week of pregnancy and a month ago I was nursing a mild contraction due to breastfeeding my little girl Ella. I consulted my OB-Gyn and prescribed me some capsules to handle it. She said if it will persist, I have to stop breastfeeding immediately as it will trigger preterm labor.

Come the following week we visited a Pedia to consult Ella’s sty. After it was addressed, the doctor discussed about Primary Complex (PC) — tuberculosis infection — because she noticed that my baby was short of about 3 kilos from the ideal weight of babies her age.

The nerve-wrecking confirmation came in, she’s positive — infected.

Paulo and I wanted to be assured that the diagnosis was correct and decided to seek a second opinion. My poor baby was indeed infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. I was taken aback by that news but what’s left for us to do was solve it. The doctor prescribed certain syrup, some dos and don’ts and a weight gain program for Ella.


The weight gain program included more protein intake as the physician suspects that my body isn’t producing enough milk to address the ideal caloric absorption — I also noticed that I am no longer experiencing engorgement anymore. “Of course, your system will prioritize the unborn baby inside you.” she explained. We were advised to give vitamins and milk supplement.


So timely that people behind PUR Philippines send me some gifts!


Is PUR a new-sounding brand for you, too? I learned that they’re yet to launch the brand here in PH this July.


A short review of the bottles so far:


I like how the measurement guide on the feeding bottles were embossed and not “printed”. Honestly, if I will put some milk powder first and water after, it will be hard for me to check if I am on the right amount of ounces or mL yet and I should stop putting water already. But, I prefer PUR’s embossed guide because over time, the “printed-on-the-bottle” one will be erased due to use, I find that way difficult. You see, I’ve tried couple of brands before,  for our Kuya Elijah, both with “printed” guide and I did not liked it.


I noticed that no matter how my baby shark was biting the silicone teat, it stayed intact. She’s using it for a month now. So far, it’s with no enlarged or extra/worn-out hole. Durable.


Cute designs to choose from. What we have is a fox and the plain. Ella’s favorite is this former. <3


Easy grip. The unique shape of the feeding bottle makes it easy grip and anti-colic.

Of course, BPA-free. This is what I always check whenever I buy items that will be used to feed our children. Its box assures that it’s made of high grade material and free from Bisphenol-A Chemical.


I checked their website and the ABOUT page says:

Pur was started in the year 1985 on the back of a pioneering feat in developing silicone nipples by the liquid silicone injection process in collaboration with Bayer of Germany. Since then it has continuously innovated simple, safe and comfortable products for babies that are loved and trusted by mothers around the world.


They got variety of products!


Feeding and Accessories

Personal Care

Home Care

Exciting, yes? I am looking forward to shopping for baby number three’s essentials!

Isn’t it nice to have an additional option in the market here in our country?

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8 thoughts on “Morena Mom Story: We Are Now Using Feeding Bottles

  1. Z was 15 months old when we learned about my pregnancy with I. Sobrang sensitive ng nipples pag buntis at the same time nangangagat na ang Z kaya halos sumuko din ako that time. I feel yah.

    I increased her solid food instead so that she won’t nurse every couple of hours. She never liked bottles kasi, we used Avent then. Maybe if she used Pur baka nagustuhan din nya. Good thing it was not a difficult pregnancy and we were able to pull through (what iz tiis!?).

    Will check Pur’s sippy cup for I. ?

    1. Mommy Kat, grabe lang maging nanay noh? Mahal na mahal ko na lalo ang Nanay ko simula ng maging nanay ako.

      Me too, looking forward for my Ella to try the sippy cup.

  2. Congrats on your baby number 3! I only breastfed my son for only two months so we also bought some feeding bottles. I think we tried few brands din but I haven’t encountered this “Pur” brand.

  3. I remember being excited about baby products too. I have tons of stuffs with me everytime I shop. My boys are both grown up now and we do not have anymore babies in the house.

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