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Morena Mom Shares: FREE Kiddie Adventure Meal from Bonchon

Morena Mom Shares: FREE Kiddie Adventure Meal from Bonchon

Growing family equals growing budget.

With the TRAIN law and the entire price hike that’s happening now, I am always sticking strictly to our budget. I use the Envelope System for our household’s budget and I have included a “Miscellaneous” tab in it. It’s there where I get the money we pay whenever we eat out or we do take-away food(s).

Days ago, we dined at Bonchon after some errands. Imagine how pleased I am when told that since we are with a kid there will be a FREE Kiddie Adventure Meal when you order 2 box meals or at least a total amount of P344.


Kiddie Adventure Meal includes a bowl of rice topped with chicken poppers in honey garlic and an activity sheet.

Aside from the savings, I love how the meal bought me 30 or more minutes of peace and quite because he was busy enjoying his own food. It’s as if those chicken poppers were just made for little fingers and little mouth of his.

When I told a mommy friend about this, she was delighted as I am because their family is practicing Montessori principle in raising their kids. This Kiddie Adventure Meal provides the same dining experience that of adults.


I came in prepared as pens are a staple in our diaper bag.

Mommy Tip: Bring colors or pens for your kid to enjoy the Activity Sheet.

Bonchon’s FREE Kiddie Adventure Meal is extended until November 30, 2018 only. Hurry avail now!

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