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Morena Mom Shares: Day 5 of the #7DaysOfCetaphil

Morena Mom Shares: Day 5 of the #7DaysOfCetaphil

Being that we are welcoming a new baby soon, it was so timely to get to attend the day 5 event of #7DaysOfCetaphil with first time mom Kaye Abad and Dr. Donna Sarrosa.

The topic was centered on how to take care of newborn’s skin.

As a mom it’s vital to be always aware of what’s new — although, Cetaphil Baby is not totally new at all, my close encounter with it was just that afternoon — everything is changing that’s a fact. That’s why, one of the things motherhood had imparted to me was: every so often there will be new products and scientific studies available that may have not been available before – the least I can do is to update myself with new products/researches and how it can better our family’s life. It is indeed true that in this day and age, it is way easier for moms to go about their motherhood journey as help and information is readily available now compared before.

Sharing my personal experience:

My firstborn, Elijah, was diagnosed with mild atopic dermatitis back in 2014 and was prescribed with Cetaphil. Right now, there’s Cetaphil Baby that’s I’m guessing more suitable to address skin issues for babies.

Baby skin is a different deal.

vDr. Donna shared that afternoon that baby’s skin is much much thinner, smooth and fine.

Also invited that afternoon who shared the stage with Dr. Sarosa was first time mom Kaye Abad. I can totally relate when she said that Cetaphil was the first item her Derma recommended whenever she encounters skin problem emphasizing that it isn’t because she’s the ambassador now but because it proved its efficacy even before. As for me, number of friends and classmates back in college was prescribed with Cetaphil too for their skin issues.


Now I am considering trying Cetaphil Baby with Ena, our third baby.


These were the important points that I can share from that afternoon:



So why choose Cetaphil and how it can help our babies’ skin care routine?

Because it’s:

-Tear free

-Soap free


-pH balanced

-No paraben

-No mineral oils

-No animal origin ingredients

What’s your Cetaphil experience? Share in the comment section below!

Share away!

2 thoughts on “Morena Mom Shares: Day 5 of the #7DaysOfCetaphil

  1. yung nagka rashes yung baby ko sa isang brand nagkaroon siya ng mga pula pula sa mukha at balat so ginawa ko naghanap ulit ako na isa pang kilala brand ng bath soap and and cream pero hindi pa rin nawawala yung tita ko nirekomenda nya ung cetaphil so bumili ako kahit mahal tiis bulsa para lang sa baby ko at worth it naman kasi nawala yung rashes nya..super ganda talaga ng cetaphil at nirerekomenda ko naman siya sa mga friends ko na mommy na rin..

  2. i like cetaphil cleanser i used this for my baby because it heal the rashes ,,and so smooth the skin and shiny i love this cetaphil.

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