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Morena Mom Product Review: Aveeno Baby

Morena Mom Product Review: Aveeno Baby

There’s always this #OAMom in every mom I know including myself. We are OA and overprotective, that’s our nature, I believe. Fine, if not all, at least majority of us.

We survived the summer and its scourging heat through frequent bathing and shower.

My kids don’t have a super sensitive skin but it tends to react to the summer weather. My little girl Ella developed some rashes on her nape over the summertime. That’s when I decided to try Aveeno Daily Wash & Shampoo together with the Soothing Relief and the Soothing Bath Solution, too. I first saw my best friend using these products and I was hesitant to give it a shot back then. It wasn’t until I purchased some Aveeno Baby items during a big sale of a membership shopping store.

Things I love about it:

Scent. It is lightly scented yet it manages the “amoy pawis” game going on my baby’s scalp and skin. It’s as if it assures me that it was really mild for her.

When I was still pregnant with my firstborn, a Pedriatric Derma on a talk hosted by a hospital discussed about atopic dermatitis touched on the characteristic of a gentle baby product without endorsing any brand: no color and no strong fragrance.

Oats! When Kuya Elijah was diagnosed with mild atopic dermatitis by his Pedia over 4 years ago, she told me that I should use baby products with oat extract especially for wash as it relieves the irritation. I kept this in mind and this was one of my reasons in choosing Aveeno Baby. True enough, it relieved Ella’s developing rashes in the lower part of her nape due to the irritation brought by the etiquette on tops she uses.

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Although its consistency was thick, every application leaves a smile on Ella’s face – the reassuring type – that perhaps says it’s giving her a fresh and light feel. It also gives a noticeable moisturized skin.

It comes in big containers which I can use efficiently. Yes, this has nothing to do with the skin but my mom self count this as a plus point.

Lastly, the Soothing Bath Solution made our bathing sesh special. An extra treat in every bath with this fine powder. Each packet forms a milky bath that soothes as it naturally cleanses without soap! After bathing, baby’s skin is softer and dry.

Yes, both the Soothing Bath Solution and Wash & Shampoo are tear-free.

How about you, what’s your Aveeno Baby experience? What’s your #OAMom story?

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One thought on “Morena Mom Product Review: Aveeno Baby

  1. We also love aveeno products! Ang galing dba? Si chicay grabe yung rashes nya dahil sa dry skin, nung ginamit namin aveeno atleast naibsan un at tuloyang nawala…

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