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Morena Mom on #OOTDs

Morena Mom on #OOTDs

I cannot give justice to #OOTDs. That’s my state in terms of fashion.

I admire those people who can pull things together and look beautiful on it. I’d really love to try accessorizing — a dangling earrings there or a broad beaded necklace here — but I just don’t have the mix and match prowess. Besides, my children were all under six years old and the last time I attempted to wear an ear candy, my 19 month-old snatched it from my ears just before we can even leave the house.

I am a stay-at-home mom of three — a homemaker, yes. On rare occasions, I get to use the presentable clothes that’s buried in our closet. You see, I am not outside as often because I don’t work. Also, designer pieces are not my (especially our wallet’s) thing BUT I treat my clothes as if they were. I don’t have tons of clothes because I don’t to splurge much on it AND I don’t have many affairs to wear them to, it’s just limited to weddings, baptisms and some brand events.

Who doesn’t want to dress up when outside meeting a friend, attending family gatherings or brand/product launch? Definitely not me. If I have my way, I will just wear my pajamas when going out. However, every time I feel like doing so, I’d remember what my mentor once gave us a piece of advice quoting Tom Ford: Dressing well is a form of good manners. 

My wardrobe has enough pieces a woman like my lifestyle should have. However, I just have my favorites.

These looks are timeless for me as I feel that I cannot go wrong with them — pieces that’s simple yet can let me achieve a fab but comfortable look.


Being that they’re not so many of them, definitely, it matters how their “life” be extended. There’s nothing more frustrating than a damaged or faded garment after a few washes.

Below are some tips I got from either mommy friends or aunties on how we can care for their classic pieces:

  1. Invest on good hangers. Overtime, I noticed that some hangers can stretch out the shoulders of the garments and can be even harder on fragile weaves leaving a permanent dimple in it.
  2. Read the labels. Our clothing generally tells us exactly how to take care of it. I’m guilty of disregarding this when I was single. I got wiser when I started having a family that’s living within a certain budget.
  3. Dress after your hair and makeup. In my case, I don’t usually put something on my hair. But just a reminder, hairsprays can damage or at least discolor your precious apparel. Me? I don’t put on my top yet when doing my makeup, you know, accidents might happen anytime.
  4. Fold heavy sweaters on a shelf. This way, the fabric and seams will remain intact versus hanging them.
  5. Treat stains immediately. Never let a stain sit to avoid further problem(s) it could cause.


It is a fact that not all clothing items are meant to last forever, yes, they’re bound to wear out, fade or change shape after repeated use. Still, the little things we do in terms of cleaning, handling and storing them can get us months and even years of extra wear out of each piece. Don’t that ring savings to the family? I mean, how much money will it be if you multiply those results by the number of members in your family.

A mommy like me has too many to worry about. It got me thinking is there a washing machine that can handle my family and I’s delicate clothes so that there won’t be a need for handwashing? Let alone the washing machine take care of the laundry and I can continue being a mother juggling other household chore plus taking care of my children –did I mention I also tandem feed (breastfeeding) my newborn and second child–without a Yaya or house helper.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, my loving husband asked me what do I want as gift. He even said that no amount of present can equal to the things I settle and accomplish inside our home every single day. That’s why he insisted for me to think of what I want. And that’s all I needed to hear for my guilt fly away.

Stumbled upon Elextrolux’s Amazing Holideals.

Amazing discounts on Electrolux appliances from October 1 to December 31, 2018!

Look at theseeeeee! Wash. Ing. Ma. Chines.


Electrolux washing machines can help us homemakers care for the whole family’s classic pieces so they look newer for longer. Oh you bet, I want one for Christmas!!

Now back to outfits, what are your timeless looks?



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17 thoughts on “Morena Mom on #OOTDs

  1. I always trust Electrolux. We also have the same brand of washing machine at home. We bought it about five years ago and until now, it is still working. As for dressing confidently, I always believe that our smile is the best accessory to go with our clean clothes. Nothing beats a clean dress.

  2. I love electrolux washing machine! I remember when my partner and I rented a condo in BGC it has electrolux washing machine. It made my life easier. Put on the dirty clothes you wait and can do other chores pagbalik mo tapos na ang labahan at tuyo agad unlike ibang brand tumutulo pa. Maybe i can have my own electrolux washing machine kapag may sariling bahay na kami. With my wardrobe konti lang din ang clothes ko mas magarbo pa sa anak ko ganun talaga siguro kapag naging nanay na. Hindi rin ako mahilig sa accessories. Pagdating sa sarili ko practical ako. Pero i make sure maayos ang closet at damit namin sa bahay lahat organize.

  3. Hahaha! Ako din momshie, I rarely get to dressed up and once in a blue moon Lang magkabagong damit ??? at least we’re economical! I’ve heard about Electrolux before and they are on my wishlist as well, sana May mabuting puso na biglang Magbgay sakin! Hahaha

  4. I always go for comfort and affordable clothes.
    Thanks for the great tips. You are one Mommy blogger I admire when it comes to OOTDs because I just simply love how you carry your clothes well.

  5. I always wanted to have an Electrolux washing machine as I heard a lot of goid reviews about it. Lalo ako mahilig mag ootd. Dapat maingatan ang aking mga pinakamamahal na damit ?

  6. I always play it safe in my day to day outfit. At work, I would ofter be in troussers/slacks, blazzer over girly blouse. On weekend i would be in jeans ans cotton shirts.

  7. nice tips mommy. I am sahm too and iilan lang ang mga damit ko , i gained weight making me ulit ulit ng damit and iba ibang partner lang. I dont buy dress too much, siguro dati nung dalaga days madalas pero not now. Maganda talaga etong Electrolux na to , gamit etong brand ng boss namin noon. 🙂 Ako since i bf ( tandem feed ) maluwag na dress ok na ako.

  8. I’m very picky with hangers. Gusto ko yung madulas saka yung hindi nag-sa-snag ang damit. As for stains, very meticulous din ako dyan especially with my son’s school uniform. Pag may stain, laba agad. 🙂

  9. kuripot ako,kaya i am so against the notion of buying MORE clothes. Ok na ako sa konting clothes, at alagaan na lang ito mabuti. Thanks for the tips in how to take care of clothes mommy 🙂

  10. We love our Electrolux almost 7 years na sya na ok pa rin. Medyo may signs na na need palitan we will consider this model sis 🙂

  11. Same tayo, di din ako lagi nalabas because I am also a homemaker. I have few clothes too, uniform na nga tawag ko don. Minimalism kasi ang peg ko and I don’t care if makita ako ng tao na paulit ulit lang ang suot (idok ko si Mark Zuckerberg haha). Kaya dapat alagaan yung damit para di agad masira.

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