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Morena Mom meets Mommy Star

Have you seen the newest Eden commercial which stars the latest Eden Mommy?

I was privileged to meet Mommy Star personally. She’s a bubbly hands-on single parent–and as I was observing her during the event, I can tell she’s that down to earth type of creature–a seasoned blogger who was discovered by Eden. Through her kwela videos about the most random life hacks and helpful tips and tricks, fans and followers alike have grown fond of Mommy Star’s antics. The #ThisIsHowYouNanay Super Star loves to entertain her daughter during her downtime by singing her heart out and when she dances, it’s like no one’s watching! Mommy Star is truly a show of her own!

Mommy Star and Morena Mom

With a huge social media following, Mommy Star has attracted the attention of fellow social media stars who have collaborated with her in an episode for their respective channels. Mommy Star has also been guesting in several TV shows, proof that this ordinary mom is now a star in her own right. Truly, more and more mommies on social media get hooked on Mommy Star’s helpful parenting advices and mommy hacks.

Mommy Star


One of the most obvious favorite topics that Mommy Star likes to share on her page and through her vlogs is cooking and making sure that meal times are more fun and creative for her daughter. As a regular working mom who is hooked on social media, Mommy Star knows the importance of keeping food exciting so kids will always look forward to mealtimes and eat plenty.

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  1.' Joy Mendiola says:

    Star is a true, nice person in real life. Though we don’t see each other often, she’s tgere when I need someone to talk to in times of pain….

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