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Morena Mom and Downy Expert Kontra Kulob


Morena Mom and Downy Expert Kontra Kulob

What’s one of the challenges you face on a daily basis as a mom?

A resounding “A LOT”, maybe? Every mother can definitely relate to that.

As for me, I have three children without any house helper, even a yaya — emphasis on the WITHOUT ANY besides my husband — I’m just lucky Mr. Morena Mom is a work-at-home fella that’s why nakakaalalay sya paminsan minsan.

Now, how do I survive every day? Every household chores ay installment, Momshie! If not, totally PARKED status. Let’s be real, I’m no superhuman and I can’t perform magic. My children are our priority — importanteng safe sila or hindi gutom kesa sa wala ngang sampayin or hugasin pero my kids are not happy babies.

However, the challenge is this: What about the damped clothes fresh off the washing machine (or sometimes, still inside the WM) that needs to be hanged to dry off and prevent malodor? No choice. If they’re lucky, installment pagsasampay. If not, sa laundry basket muna sila. Real talk, they can rest there for days. But these past months even up to this writing, tag-ulan at bagyo season. Is it just me or kayo din problemado sa Amoy Kulob na sampayin/sinampay?

Ito si Downy Expert Kontra Kulob, lagi kong nakikita sa social media feeds ko especially kay Mommy Pehpot. I’ve been meaning to try this, finally, nagka-chance din! I tried because I wanted to test if it can really rescue me from nasty KULOB smell. Before, tanggap ko na na pag-inabot ng ilang araw ang sampayin sa basket, paiikutan ko na lang ulit. But that’s when I get to try Downy Expert Kontra Kulob.

I’m sold with MY PABORITONG MOMMY BLOGGER’s experience that it is indeed tough in preventing germ growth which causes malodor. Because one thing motherhood taught me: Make use of ever help or advice that can ease your mommy journey.

And speaking of, I’ll share 2 laundry tips that helped me. Who knows, baka makatulong din sa inyo:

1)You’re living in a limited space home pero may bakod or grills? Wala? Ceiling? Make use of it! It can be a drying rack! What I do, yung mga curtain rods, hinahawi ko lang mga kurtina tapos ginagawa ko munang sampayan para makatuyo ako ng damit.

2)Put your laundry supplies inside a basket or container. Bukod sa organized na, madalipang kuhanin kasi sama sama sila isang hilaan na lang and they’re all there!

So, let’s go back to (my newest lifesaver), DOWNY EXPERT KONTRA KULOB…

While I was ecstatic having proven that it’s working, I figured this can definitely help my friends that’s in condos and limited space homes, parang sa San Pedro sa mga nanay ko! Like me, did you also notice that drying indoors is becoming a norm?

Now, I was asked by my sisters how Downy Expert Kontra Kulob and Downy Antibac differ.  Downy Expert Kontra Kulob is specially made for indoor drying, while the latter is made to prevent germ growth. Alam na natin pare-pareho ha?!

Downy Expert Kontra Kulob is what gives me peace of mind. True enough, long-lasting nga ang freshness! Before kasi, pag inaabot ng days bago ko masampay, tanggap ko na na paikutan ko na lang ulit kasi nga babantot at amoy kulob. Ngayon, no need. Aba’t seryoso yung “20x Antibac Power”. May pangkabog na sa kulob si Morena Mom!!!

Kape, kape tayo mga momshie!


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