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Mommy Break: Jump With China + Giveaway

How to pause the chaos you’re experiencing in motherhood?

I always say this: It is the most fulfilling thing ever happened to me. However, being a mommy can at the same time be overwhelming. Sometimes, I feel like I have to catch my breath every time I finished one chore to the other while my 15-month old is trying to climb on my legs.

I find little pleasures in waking up early in the morning while they’re still sleeping so that I can enjoy some quiet time after husband leaves for work. Or a 5-minute escape with myself whenever I take a warm bath. And sometimes at late night when they’re sound asleep I will catch up on reading pages of a book or writing a blog post. But that’s very seldom now as you know I am pregnant and prioritize my health too.

I am the eldest amongst my siblings and I am the only one with children yet. My kids have the undivided attention of the grandparents, their titas and tito — at least from my side of the family. However, with my husband’s it was a different story as he was the second one to have children amongst them although he’s also the eldest. But the thing is we don’t live in either of their house, we were all by ourselves — no yaya, too.

Whenever we are at the mall, Elijah often requests to play at the pay-per-hour play areas. I let him because he doesn’t have much choices (stations to play in) and playmate (aside from his sister) whenever at home. In short, he was confined with his not-so-many-toys and books inside our house. This is also a time for me to relax a bit while sitting there waiting for his time at the play area/center to be finished.

Once we were at Robinsons Town Mall Malabon and we chanced upon Jump with China. I had a short chitchat with the owner and she shared how Jump with China came into reality. Familiar with Sophia’s Play Palace? That’s a sister company.

Being a yaya-less full time mom, she finds it difficult to do errands especially if some of it doesn’t allow tagging a kid along. That’s when these two businesses of her were born.

Some photos of our Kuya Elijah enjoying play center Jump with China:

I think they have a guardian-kid bundle promo.


P100 – 30 minutes
P180 – 1 hour
P300 – 3 Hours


They also offer EXCLUSIVE Party Package

Weekdays excluding holidays and special occasions

Ph 26,495 (40 kids +40 adults)


3 hours exclusive use of play area

kids and adult snacks

Birthday Cake

party hat

party balloons

30 mins. Mascot Appearance

Party Host

Games Prizes

Gift for the celebrant

Weekend Rates including Holidays and Special Occasions ( Time Slot 10:00 – 1 pm,6 pm -9 pm only)


Ph 43,500 ( 50 kids + 50 adults )


BASIC package and NON EXCLUSIVE RATE also available. You may inquire 09178783914 ( number for party bookings only).

Book during weekdays excluding holidays and special occasion and get 50 % off voucher for all kids guest.



SM Sangandaan

SM Sta Mesa

Robinsons Town Mall Malabon

Robinsons Las Pinas

Malabon City Square


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