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Meal and Baon Tips from Good Eats for Moms Workshop

Motherhood has many challenges, that’s what I realized in this almost 4-year journey I’m in. More to come, I’m sure. The latest challenge I face now is how to pursuade my 44-month old little guy to eat what’s on the table and to not ask for hotdogs or corned beef. More so, to plan and come up with inviting, amazing meals for him. Can I sigh on this part? Because I also ran out of meal ideas for my husband’s packed lunch.

Recently, Mommy Mundo had this workshop: Good Eats for Moms. I was so eager to attend for I wanted to hear what the speakers have to say. I got excited with the tips they can share regarding daily meal planning and kitchen hacks they may have.

Healty + delicious–that’s my frustration. Elijah only wants Tinola, Sinigang and Nilaga. Yes, “sabaw”. But when I ran out of dishes like those, he won’t take anything with rice but hotdogs, corned beef or meatloaf. Spell frustrating.

About the workshop, it has great line-up of speakers; Michelle Ressa Aventajado of Momma ‘N Manila blog whom discussed very useful kitchen and meal tips (these are just those I managed to jot down, sorry):Michelle Aventajado


  • Meals should be EASY. QUICK. VARIETY.

  • Buy what’s on season, helps you save.

  • Fried Rice is her recipe which she use to clean-up the fridge (Nicest! Why I realized that just on this workshop?)

  • Plan ahead; assess what’s on the pantry before buying/shop. (This I fail on sometimes.)


    Start with dinner so that it’ll be easier.

    Weekly planning is easier compared to a monthly one. (Or if monthly is more comfortable for you, still okay.)

    Lunches become dinner and just add a dish if needed.


    Roasted Chicken = Chicken Salad or Sopas

    Steak = Steak Wrap or Fajitas

    Adobo = Adobo Flakes

  • Checking your pantry regularly to avoid spoilage/expiration.

  • Fruits – don’t wash yet if you’ll not eat them

  • Veggies – use newspaper to wrap them to maintain moister and freshness (not for too long of course)

  • Bread – put it in the ref to avoid molds

The ladies of Whole + Natural talked about preparing healthy yet yummy meal for our children especially babies. It would be nice to have their book in our little library here in the house, I figured. I failed to inquire about it at the workshop and flip through its pages as I don’t want to miss on the topic. Planning of checking it out on our next bookstore visit in preparation for the arrival of our little girl in my tummy this April.

Whole + Natural


Lastly, the Bento Mommas. They gave me the real picture on how to bento which I long ago want to try. I love how honest they were with their struggles in bento making when they started which served as a caveat for me. At least, I have an idea on what to expect in bento-ing. But, they assured us that there’s a way to it. They said it doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. I want to try! Excited for my firstborn’s reaction on it.

Bento Mommas

After the workshop I realized, really, consitent offering of (healthy) food/meals is the key to successful eating habits of my children. Also, indeed, our children’s food choices are patterned to us so we also have to eat healthy food. Obviously, it requires tons of patience. But those speakers’ success rate in their meal preparation journey inspired me heaps—they can, why can’t I, right?

Bento Sample

Sample Bento from Bento Mommas on the workshop.

I’m determined to do this. Wish me luck!

Elija's Meal

My first plate for Elijah after attending the workshop. It’s still Sinigang but I tried adding fruits on the side. He doesn’t eat any but mango. Also, I’ll try to introduce brown rice soon.

For more relevant and useful workshops from Mommy Mundo, do like their Facebook page for updates.

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