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Learning Plus The First Homeschoolers’ Bookstore in the Philippines

When we were brainstorming on how to homeschool our Elijah, Paulo and I, we noticed that there wasn’t a bookstore dedicated for homeschoolers. That’s why most of the homeschooler visits book/toy fairs for their homeschooling materials. I also knew of many who purchased homeschooling items abroad. All of these were great ways to score homeschooling stuff. But isn’t it nice to have a homeschoolers’ bookstore?

Finally! The first and only store for intentional learners conceptualized and operated by homeschoolers was launched last 16th of October 2015—Learning Plus. It is located at Fun Ranch, Fontera Verde, Ortigas Ave. Brgy. Ugong Pasig City. This bookstore is from 10AM to 6PM, Tuesdays til Saturdays.

Learning Plus

I love its interior. It was desinged by Ms. Marilen Faustino.

Play Area

My favorite spot inside the Learning Plus Bookstore


My kinesthetic learner enjoyed browsing items at the center of this bookstore.



Whether your child is an auditory, visual or kinesthetic type of learner, they are definitely welcome here. For this store was born out of the desire to provide more than just books and learning materials. This store is the brainchild of a crazy, far-fetched dream: a dream of promoting a lifestyle of learning by providing educational products and services customized for every learner and to equip & train intentional learners with the relevant knowledge, tools & skills to live out their full potential.


In other words Learning Plus wanted to build a store where learners, dreamers, trailblazers and pioneers can arm themselves with the means to give those grand ideas form and give those ideas wings with which to fly with—for the Glory of the Living God.









Let’s take our homeschooling to the next level with Learning Plus Bookstore!

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  1.' Kharla Canta says:

    I was there for the opening as well! Isn’t it great?? I’m planning on homeschooling my lil’ one in the future as well đŸ™‚

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