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Great Campaign From Johnson’s: Naturally Beautiful MOMents +GIVEAWAY

Great Campaign From Johnson’s: Naturally Beautiful MOMents

When my children and I attended Johnson’s Naturally Beautiful MOMents in partnership with Millennial Moms PH, I came to realize the reality that motherhood is not always a walk in the park too for other moms just what I am experiencing. That it’s not just me who’s having a tough day with kids once in a while.

I love how Johnson’s has this advocacy to empower moms and remind us that it’s the moments born from those not-so-picture-perfect realities of motherhood; tantrums, whining, endless whys, unexpected ugly  (upset tummy) episodes in a restaurant while you should be enjoying your meal, stained treasured clothing pieces all these that you and I survived. Really, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ mom. And that motherhood is beautiful as it is with both the good and the not-so-good moments, and this beauty is best manifested in moments we naturally share with our babies.

#NaturallyBeautifulMOMents is a movement that encourages moms not to compare themselves with the filtered, curated motherhood photos they see on social media, and instead celebrate the beauty of natural bonding moments with their babies, no matter how messy, or unglamorous those may be.

Moms today like myself, can find a re-assuring and genuine ally that recognizes a simple yet meaningful fact: Motherhood is messy, but what lies in between are the genuine, natural everyday moments she shares with her baby that makes her motherhood journey and their bond more meaningful. “I’ve learned to appreciate that the messy and tough days of motherhood is what gives my journey a depth of fulfillment and joy.  I want to encourage other moms to realize, as I did, that motherhood is beautiful with both the good and not-so-good moments, and this beauty is best manifested in those simple moments we naturally share with our babies,” Bianca says.

“Behind the flawless depiction of motherhood we see nowadays on social media, JOHNSON’S® sees an opportunity to shed light on the unfiltered realities around it. We want to help moms embrace every inch of motherhood and start empowering themselves one step at a time,” JOHNSON’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan said.

“We at JOHNSON’S® believe in the power of unfiltered motherhood. We want to help moms embrace every inch of it and start empowering themselves one step at a time with the right platform, such as the #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents campaign, and with the right products, such as the JOHNSON’S® Milk Range,” says JOHNSON’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan.


“I learned the hard way that motherhood isn’t at all like what you normally see on your Instagram feed, and I was overwhelmed with how tough it was when I became a new mom,” JOHNSON’S® mom Bianca Gonzalez-Intal openly shares. “To be honest, there is so much pressure on mothers today, especially to new moms, as we all try our hardest to be a “flawless” mom when the reality is, motherhood isn’t glamorous—and that is perfectly okay,” the soon-to-be mom of two added.


Some photos that shows how the kids on that event enjoyed:


Motherhood is a magical journey. However it isn’t always isn’t always hugs and laughter like what social media painted such a well-curated and re-touched glam of motherhood with picture-perfect images of happy mom-and-baby photos we see left and right.

JOHNSON’S®, through its Milk™ Range, encourages moms to embrace and be proud of the #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents they share with baby by joining the JOHNSON’S® Snap Natural movement – a movement that encourages moms to embrace the natural and authentic.


Join the movement by posting a photo of yourself and your child in your happiest bonding moment while showing-off that natural baby-beautiful skin together. Use the hashtag #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents and tag @johnsonsbabyph on Instagram for a chance to win a Staycation Package in The Farm at San Benito (Lipa City, Batangas) for three (3): two (2) adults and one (1) child. Overnight stay and lunch for three (3) plus a spa treatment for mom (the participant). To know the mechanics, visit this.


JOHNSON’S® Milk™ Range (Bath, Lotion, Powder, Soap) are available in leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide. It has the natural goodness of milk with rice and oats extracts for 2x better nourishment versus regular bar soap, so they can both have baby-beautiful skin while they enjoy their bonding moments together.

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79 thoughts on “Great Campaign From Johnson’s: Naturally Beautiful MOMents +GIVEAWAY

  1. Hoping to win para sa baby ko..ito yung gamit ko sa mga anak ko mula sa panganay ko hanggang sa ngauon sa bunso ko, sobrang taas kamay akobsa husay ng johnson’s product lalo na para sa mga baby!

  2. Johnsons is my bestfriend since day 1 to my eldest son now that i have a bunso she also using johnsons too! It really nourish my kids skin. We love using johnsons product. So i hope i win this. ??

  3. Johnson’s products are tried and has been in the market for years. Every member of my family have used this products and we really appreciated using Johnson’s. It’s good on the skin and not irritating. Babies and mothers alike are “Amoy Johnson’s”

  4. Wow hoping to win for my son .. i love Johnsons for my son it fits her sensitive skin and smooth..

  5. The best ang johnsons, subok na at mapagkakatiwlaan.. Safe sa skin ni baby laht ng products nila.. ?

  6. Johnson’s na gamit ko simula nung dalaga ako mula sa unang anak ko gang ngayon sa pang apat kong hindi ako magsasawa gamitin yun kasi yun na yung kinalakihan ko at ipapamana ko pa sa susunod na henerasyon ko hehehe..hindi kasi siya sticky o malagkit sa balat hindi rin nakaka irritate sa skin..???

  7. Every mom is unique and special. ❤

    Joined po ako sa giveaway Momshie. ?
    Johnson’s lover and user here. ?

  8. My kids used Johnsons products ever since and also me i also used their body wash lols because it leaves my skin smoother

  9. i really love jonson’s, i always use it powder,body wash and soap how i wish i’m the one ofnthe winner…???thank you momshie for make every one happy everytime you have a giveaway’s..❤❤❤

  10. Being a mother is not that easy. You need to overcome those challenges that had a very difficult stages. Those surgery when giving birth, sleep nights with your baby and most esp, your body changing shape, all of these are hard to accept. And I admit it. As for myself, who have two kids now, I already face the fact that it’s part of our life and every mother should be strong enough to face these kind of challenges. Good thing, I had my husband whose been very supportive to me since then to raise our kids in health and in sickness. I also thank God that he provided us the product that mothers could trust. Johnsons Baby is been with us for almost 7 years frow now. This is only the product I trusted and I’m confident with. Proven and tested for my kids since then. No.1 trusted brand of all years! Cheers! ?

  11. Yes. The most trusted brand. 🙂 Ang saya namang umattend ng gantong events. Bukod sa you get to know more about baby stuffs, madami pa makikilala at mag eenjoy din si baby 🙂

  12. Being with our kids most of the time is like a precious gems to treasure. And with the help of Johnsons product, Moments would really be always fresh and huggable. Thanks Morena Mom for sharing your #NaturallyBeautifulMOMents with Mommies like us! 🙂

  13. The most trusted powder for children is Johnson Baby powder its also dermatologist tested and most adviseable for our babies

  14. I personally use Johnson’s product that’s why i am also using those johnson’s products as well for my kids. i’l make sure that i only bought which variant suits their skin types.. i really like their product, powder, lotion, baby bath and soap.. especially those that has milk on it. it really nourishes our skin. Perfect for sensitive or not too sensitive skins. We really look for this brand everytime we go shop. And it is available on a leading drugstore and here in our community’s nearest grocery shop. ?

  15. Kudos to Johnson’s for this advocacy. Motherhood moments are not always Instagram-worthy and we should be proud even of the not so pretty moments. 🙂

  16. Hope Manalo Ako this Time Mam Morena Para Po Sa Mga Kids Ko Maraming salamat Sa Pag Share Ng Blessing Sana Marami pa pong blessing Ang Matanggap.nyo ng sa ganun marami pa po kaung mga mommies and Daddies na mapasaya nyo Katulad Ko Po salamat ??

  17. Johnson’s Baby Soap,Powder,Oil,and lotion is my trusted brand.I’m a first time mom,and no idea about good for skin brands for babies.But then I choose Johnson’s because my mom use it too.So Thank you Johnson’s for spreading the good benefits of your products..Thanks also MORENA MOM for being part of Johnson’s.

  18. motherhood is love and full of sacrifices and part na ng pamilyang pinoy ang JOHNSON’S BABY products, madalas makita talaga na ginagamit ng mga nanay at ng buong family <3

  19. Growing up a child is one of the most difficult responsibilities a mother can have, but it’s all worth it! Since I was a first time mommy back then, I remembered how I gave birth to my daughter. My labor started on 1st of June 2012 and my daughter, Stephanie, was born on 2nd of June 2012. Overall, my labor and delivery was around 31 hours but like most women, it started out as just small cramps. When I saw my daughter for the very first time A mix of emotions came over me, All such birth pain I’ve experienced in order to bring my daughter into the world was overwhelming. Her first breath took mine away. Her birth was the most meaningful moment in my life and I knew that, no matter what, I would always be a meaningful part of her life. Every woman’s birth story is different – but we are all nervous, exciting and encouraging.
    Johnson baby products Johnson has been part of my daughter’s growing up years. I used Johnson Milk Bath all over her body. Gives a bit of bubbles too whenever I add it to the running water at the start of the bath. It moisturize her skin and leaves with a fresh clean smell that lasts all day.
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  21. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway,all the mom like me who join like it. hoping and praying to win for my kids. i love johnson baby products for them..

  22. Jhonson’s baby product was always been my lifetime partner when it comes to skin care..hindi lang po c baby ang gumagamit nito but a whole family as well.. Sobrang smooth kc sa balat!
    A bundle of thank you po!

  23. Hoping to be blessed by you and Jonhsons for I really trist this brand. I really love Jonhsons baby powder and been using it for 46 years. Now my youngest son have the same fondness in using it. He uses top to toe in bathing and apply lotion. He always put powder at his chest and back. He always wanted to have soft skin and be fragrance and confidence always.

  24. I haven’t tried the Milk+Rice product line, but I do love J&J’s milk lotion. When I was pregnant with my son a decade ago, it was the only lotion that I used because it’s nice and gentle on my skin. 🙂

  25. Johnsons was always been part of my motherhood journey since my 1st born was born until now that i have my 2nd child i really love using it because it is safe for my baby and leave a super fresh smell.. FB: Charisse Joy Bituin IG: @akosirissejhoy Twitter: @rissejhoy23

  26. I remember, my first ever blogging event (9 years ago) was from Johnson (buntis pa si Cristine Babao sa 1st child nya nun). It’s nice na hanggang ngayon andyan pa din sila 🙂

  27. For all the sleepless nights, the public tantrums, etc., motherhood is something that we- women, embrace fully no matter how challenging it is because it brings us happiness.

  28. I love Johnson’s products. I’ve been using the milk bath myself for a long time. 😀 And my son uses Johnson’s products, too. And I agree, motherhood and not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s also about all the messy and ugly stuff. But having all that is what makes motherhood so fulfilling.

  29. I love Johnson’s! I have been using their Milk variant up until 12 years ago. Haha. But yes, thank you Johnson’s for making us realize that we need to embrace the unglamorous life called motherhood. Cheers to us!

  30. I really love the advocacy of their campaign. Nakaka-touched! And I’m so happy to your seatmate in this event. Cheers to our upcoming bundle of joys and to our next event together momshie.

  31. nung bata ako jonhson’s baby powder and baby lotion ang gamit ko, ngayon may baby na kami jonhson’s baby products din ang gamit nya, kaya dalawa na kami gumagamit ng mga products ng Jonhsons.

  32. nung bata ako jonhson’s baby powder and baby lotion ang gamit ko, ngayon may baby na kami jonhson’s baby products din ang gamit nya, kaya dalawa na kami gumagamit ng mga products ng Jonhson’s.

  33. hoping to win this for my baby girls. gusto ko pra sknila ang dove kso mnsan wla budget hehe sakto ndn po kc wla na sila soaps. ty mommy godbless po

  34. i love Johnson’ until now yan ang gamit ko sa 1st baby ko he now 6 yrs old, ngayon magkakaroon na ako ng 2nd baby Iam happy to use Johnson’s product proven and trusted di nakaka irritate sa skin ni baby…Hoping and pray to win…

  35. joined
    hoping to win po para sa mga chikiting patrol namin dito sa bahay.
    fb: britney jolie fabian
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  36. I love Johnson’s Product since Day 1 kay First Born ko Johnson’s na kami 🙂 Hoping to win kasi pwede sila mag Share sa Johnson’s Products ni upcoming bunso this October kasi lalabas na siya <3 And J&J pa din ang balak kong gamitin. Thank you for this Giveaway MorenaMom! :*

  37. Hello morena mom .. im a jonhson user since my birth and until now sa mga anak ko johnsons parin gamit ko sa kanila ang panganay ku ay 4yrs.old at ang bunso ay coming 2 ngayung august 30 .. hope sana palarin ako na manalo para birthday gift sa baby ko mommy ✋????

  38. Journey to motherhood is really a blessing i am a mother of two adorable boys.. moments with them must be cherish hanggat maliit pa sila kasi doon mag start lahat ..hindi madali pero worth it ang pagiging isang ina Salute to us.. 🙂

  39. Hoping to win this for my bunso, mula baby pa sya hanggang ngayon na grade6 na sya Johnsons lang gamit nya, sobrang sensitive ng skin nya and sa Johnsons products lang sya nahiyang?
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  40. Thank you for the chance????

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