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Discover Your Child’s Talent at the Moose Play Camp 2018

Discover Your Child’s Talent at the Moose Play Camp 2018

“One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is to help them find their talents.” -Sean Covey

Have you noticed at least one of your child’s natural gifts or talents yet? My firstborn showed interest in arts late last year and so we enrolled him to the Arts and Crafts workshop for this summer to help him enhance it. I think that’s what all parents would do – support their child in every way possible for their best interest.


Last week the Moose Play Camp 2018 started and I saw how children participated on this as their parents on their back supporting them.



It has 3 categories with professional teachers coaching the kids:


Moose-Play-Camp-2018-DanceDanceDancing Camp with teachers from Hotlegs Dance Co.


Modeling Camp with Teacher Andrea Gomez

Moose-Play-Camp-2018-Voice Voice-Moose

Voice Camp with Star Magic’s Vocal Coach Teacher Raymond Roldan

#MoosePlayCamp2018 ‘s aim was to help discover, cultivate and enhance your kid’s talent, with the intention of helping build their confidence so that they can also shine like their Moose Gear & Moose Girl endorsers.

Baby Shower Backdrops

Angelica Rama


JJ Quilantang

Moose Gear and Moose Girl remained trendy yet on the more affordable price with these items they have.

Moose-RelaunchA preview of Moose’s relaunch pieces.

After the sessions with professional teachers in each talent camp, Moose Kids showcased what they have in the culmination:



Shop Vinyl Christmas backdrops & Winter Backdrop for Photography


What are you waiting for? Moose Play Camp’s last leg will be on May 20, 2018 at SM Dasmarinas!


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