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Azalea Hotels and Residences: Family Fun and Holiday Haven

Sometimes I wanted to escape motherhood even for a day—not that I love my boys less, but it was so overwhelming that I need a break – to regain my energy.

Last May 12-14 2016, I was privileged to ride the wagon of a sweet escape bound to Baguio City to experience Azalea Residences. For 3 days and 2 nights, I was with fellow bloggers that I only see in brand launching and blog-related events. I was delighted to get to know them a little better and so as Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas whom I learned tons of things in one sitting.

Azalea Residences is impressive. I liked their rooms best. It was indeed a #holidayhaven for #familyfun. Their rooms have a kitchen where I can cook meals for my boys if we decide to visit Baguio again soon. Or if my side of the family come with us on that trip, we can have a sumptuous lunch inside. Best of all we can be in the same room yet still enjoying our privacy with Azalea Residences’ apartment suites.

Here are some rooms:Azalea Room 1 Azalea Room 3 Azalea Room 5Azalea Room 4 KitchenAzalea Room 2


Spacious facade where our little guy Elijah can roam around, run even and enjoy the “slop-ey” front area of the hotel.

Azalea Facade

They have a kid’s play area! An outdoor one with a kiddie slide, seesaw, spring rider and a swingset which I bet my toddler will love.

Kid's Area


A strong Wi-Fi connection at any spot in the hotel. I answered every email conveniently, browsing my Facebook feed, uploading photos on Instagram shared without lagging on Twitter and FB. My husband and I even managed to do a video call!


Great meal selection at Tradisyon. A wide variety of food your family will love.



Chill time with friends or le husband? They have the 8 degrees bar inside Azalea Hotel.

8 Degrees



Located at no. 7 Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City away from the busy central district but conveniently close to the Baguio City’s must-see tourist destination; BenCab Museum, Wright Park, The Mansion, Laperal, not to mention the Ukay-Ukay at the Night Market most specially TreeTop Adventure at Camp John Hay–we’ve been to these spots conveniently while in Azalea Hotels and Residences. Composed of 99 modern luxury suites, each unit having its own kitchen, living and bedroom areas, the only hotel in Baguio with full services and amenities of an awesome serviced apartment.


Reservation Numbers: (+6374) 424 8710 (Baguio) | (+632) 4501151 (Manila)
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