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Aster Medical Clinic and their EMR Technology

Whenever I pass by St. Francis Square to get to the malls near it, I always find my eyes fixed in the signage of Aster Medical and Diagnostic Clinic. Simply maybe it’s a new thing there. It doesn’t look much from the outside so I thought it was just a typical small diagnostic clinic. Not until I got the chance to see what’s inside and the things it can offer.

A quick tour:

Aster Stairs

You’ll be greeted by an informative-entertaining-pretty stairway.

Registration Area

The area where patients register to be recorded in Aster’s database together with their index finger’s print.

I was surprised that after registering, I received a confirmation text with my unique ID number which I can use in all future visit to Aster Medical. Also, I can access my health record online, anytime I need it. I just need to log on to the Aster Medical website at

The room for OFWs’ health examination including the hearing test:





The OB-Gyne area:




The room for General Examination (GE)


General Examination Room


And the room that I liked the most:


Pedia Room

Elijah will surely enjoy his checkup here, lovely room.

The X-ray room:

20160510_115825 20160510_115848



The executive check-up room:

20160510_120303 20160510_120326 20160510_120345 20160510_120417

The laboratory:

20160510_120505 20160510_120514 20160510_120615


Aster Medical and Diagnostic Clinic aims to benefit Filipinos with its brand of expertise and care across its more than 290 establishments, operating in the past 28 years across the UAE, India, Middle East and now in the Philippines.


Waiting area for women:

Waiting Area Women

Yes, they observe the separation of men and women. Remember this is a hospital famous in the GCC region?

The general waiting area:

General waiting area


EMR for patient’s convenience. The goal of EMR is to provide a centralized database that will allow Aster DM Healthcare’s network a seamless delivery of care to its patients. Through the EMR technology, patients are unburdened of the inconvenience of repeating the basic information and details of their concerns over and over again.

It got me thinking, since they have the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), OFWs especially those in the regions mentioned above will conveniently retrieve their medical records when being checked or hospitalized in Aster. Talk about convenience.

OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY. No more pricey ER rate when we need their service in the wee hours. How convenient right?

Experience medical care with a heart. 

For appointments or inquiries call (02) 53ASTER (27837) and (0918) 88ASTER(27837) or send an email at

Visit and AsterDMHPhilippines in Facebook.

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