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AeroBlu Footwear Review + Giveaway

AeroBlu Footwear Review + Giveaway

When I became a mommy, I always wanted for COMFORT, STYLE and PRICE to be found in a product and that’s how it will end up in my cart.

AeroBlu Footwears. I first saw my Mom wearing a stylish pair of this brand. The next couple of months when we came to visit them again, I noticed that she’s still using the pair! My mother is a typical housewife who has daily errands which includes: going to a slippery market (this is every day basis as she takes advantage of how near the Wet Market is to their place, about 400 meters), pays the bills, grocery shopping and more. And then a year later, my little sister bought her another pair. By then I cannot help but ask how much it have cost her for a pair—she’s thrifty and lives within a budget of a student allowance — I was surprise that this brand which my mom raves about is just less than P200 for those particular styles, VERY AFFORDABLE! I’m sold.


A photo of her almost 2 years old AeroBlu pairs.


If that right there is not DURABLE, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of durability, I passed by an AeroBlu Footwears section and I asked why the pairs were so dependable like that. I was told that it was made from Polyurethane. I don’t know what that is until she explained that it is a versatile material that appears in a large amount of everyday household items and machinery such as thermal insulation, furniture, bedding and seating, gaskets to paint rollers to gel pads, watch straps and more!

I was like WOW. That’s why when I needed a comfortable yet beautiful pair of sandals when I was pregnant, I did not hesitate to have it from this brand. You see, I was carrying an extra weight courtesy of the growing little human inside my belly, you bet, the last thing I would want is an uncomfortable pair of footwear. Imagine those prenatal checkups that were initially from a monthly basis turned a weekly basis as I approached my 37th week.


My all smiles preggo self while on AeroBlu footwear.


Well, indeed, it’s super light, tough, non-slip when it rains & kept my feet cool even under the sun. Perfect for rainy & sunny weather of PH! Up to this writing, I am still enjoying my AeroBlu step ins while carrying our newborn to her vaccine sessions and checkups.

Before I forgot, I was never attracted to sandals with slight heels. But another thing the sales staff told me, the 1 1/4 heel is there to ensure back support for Mommies and Pregnant Women. Greatest effort from this brand, I must say. Don’t you agree? Like, I don’t know about you, but I love that these entire product feature is at a FRIENDLY PRICE!

Available in SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore, Robinsons, Waltermart, Baguio Country Mart also on LAZADA and SHOPEE.


Now it’s time for a giveaway! There will be 10 winners of AeroBlu slippers on November 25!


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14 thoughts on “AeroBlu Footwear Review + Giveaway

  1. Indeed importante talaga ang pag choose ng right footwear kasi dami din benefits nyan. Super convenient tlaga niya if feel mo na comfy ka. I remmber when i was preggy and still working, there are times i almost fell down due to slippery road and i have heavy weight too. Mas lamang talaga if aside sa flat ang suot e comfy pa para ung bigat di gaano maramdaman and you can move freely. Now that i have a toddler and a baby, it is a must to wear comfy footwear like this brand . Loving the review and feedback po. If ever i win din , will be using this and bring this home to Bohol this December if God permits na matuloy kasi mas need eto ng Lola ko, i always hear her complain about her footwear because she walks from home to our chapel or attending social activities, she’s nearly 80 yrs old na and i want to let her experience the #TibayAtStyle ?

  2. Bet ko na bet ko talaga ung mga ganitong comfy slippers ung pang harabas he he kasi lagi ako naglalakad and ganito tlga ung gusto ko ung pang malakasan at the same time ndi masakit sa paa.. Nice 🙂

  3. I would love to win a pair of Aeroblu Slippers. I am particular with comfort, style, durability, and affordability and Aeroblu has it all. This is what I am considering to gift my mommy friends this Christmas. Thanks for the review Morena Mom. More Power and God bless.

  4. Hello!
    Done with the steps po. I want to win #TibayAtStyle because I already bought a pair of #AerobluPH a year ago at everytime na tapos na ako sa duty as a Nurse eh eto na agad ang ipinangpapalit ko, para na rin kasing nakakahinga ang paa ko after a long hours of duty talagang bet na bet ko sya dahil super comfy at matibay talaga dahil hanggang ngayon nagagamit ko pa rin ang nabili kung pair. Hoping for a new pair thats why Im trying my luck here. Thanks and have a great day :)

  5. Hope to win super need this comfy,stylish,lightweight and non slip sandals and slippers. Ako n naging schools service ng mga anak ko sakit sa paa walking distance lang e hehe kaya ito ang hanap ko slippers pang araw araw matibay pa at stylish.

  6. Ang galing nman momshie..antagal nya ginagamit ung slipper pero mukhang makapal pa din kahit everyday ginagamit..nakaka bilib nman tong brand na to tapos affordable pa..hoping to own one??

  7. #TibayAtStyle diko pa nasubukan nagsuot ng #AerobluPH,,sumali ako pra maexpirience ko dn ung cnsbi nila very comfy if ever isa ako mapalad dto.

  8. mas maganda talaga pag komportable ka sa suot mo,lalo na sa paglalakad ng malayo, lalo na sakin,lagi ko dala anak kong 2 yrs old..kaya mas ok saking to Aeroblu..

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