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A Morena Mom Story: Why Insure A Car?


Imagine you are riding in a car with your family; your husband in charge of the steering wheel, your firstborn riding shotgun while you and your second child sitting side by side at the back seat–all strapped with the seat belt traveling to your in-laws. Safe right? No problem. For some unfortunate twist of fate, somebody bumped the left side of your car. Oh, a dent that’s hard to ignore! Nothing you cannot handle because it’s just the car, no member of the family was harmed or earned even a scratch. Question is, is your car insured?

I am pretty sure I shared how I am an “availer” of products that gives peace of mind. Because everywhere we go there’s this risk. Sure it cannot prevent an accident from happening, but hey, if ever our car meets an accident, insurance will shield us, if not lessen, the burden of shelling out for a car accident. I almost forgot to mention, flood, too.

We have a neighbor down the block that has a car, a 2-year old model, always squeaky clean and shiny. However, its bumper was full of scratches and a noticeable dent in the first door on the left side (provided that you’re standing facing the car). My husband and I’s guess was that the car wasn’t insured. True enough, it wasn’t as the owner confirmed.

I don’t know about him but we see to it that our car is– the first year is free– and forever be insured. The car that we have right now is our little family’s first ever car. On its 8th month, my husband got the second door on the right side “screeched” at a corner of a wall as he was making a turn pass it. Perks of having it insured: We only paid the participation fee when it should have been P28,000. What more if the case was there’s another car involved? Worse, God forbid,  a life is involved.

Where would I get one, you ask? I’d go for the number 1 in non-life insurance in terms of Gross Premiums Written since 1970 by the Insurance Commission!


Photo from Malayan Insurance IG

Malayan Insurance Co., Inc. is the leading non-life insurance company in the Philippines. Founded in 1930, Malayan offers its client and the public guaranteed peace of mind through service excellence, quality insurance protection, and the prompt processing and settlement of just and valid claims.


Photo from Malayan Insurance IG

Who doesn’t want a worry-free travel?  Stay worry-free on the road.

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