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A Family Themed Room: Space Wars

Who cannot relate to Star Wars mania? Me. Right, a bold and honest YES, ME answer. I haven’t seen any Star Wars movie yet. The only characters I am familiar with were R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker only because I heard those from the people around me and it’s glued in my brain.

But last night when I entered Victoria Court’s newest themed room SPACE WARS, I suddenly understood why Star Wars has tons of fans. Inside, it felt like amazement struck me countless times. Fine, I haven’t seen any themed room anywhere in my life. But let me show you pictures of what I saw (I failed to snap photos of some parts of the room, sorry):

Space Wars Entrace

You’ll be greated by this entrance with shelves on the side of Star Wars accesories and costumes.

Spaceship Cockpit

The interactive spaceship cockpit.

Space Wars CR

Spacious comfort room.


Another side of the comfort room which has a Stormtrooper portrait.

Space Wars Bedroom

The bedroom.

Space Wars Whirlpool

The big whirlpool.

Space Wars Engineer

With Engr. Marc Sia

And this is him, the man behind the sci-fi inspired, hi tech party suite.

The room packs an amazing amount of innovation and superior hotel amenities in a spacious 100sqm floor area. The suite comes with a private garage, operable satellite dish, detailed 3D printed accessories, automatic blast doors, interactive spaceship cockpit, infinity floor, windows with a space view, bedroom with galaxy views, smoke effects, sci-fi sounds, a big whirlpool, karaoke, two (2) LED TVs, mini ref and four (4) air conditioners.

What I was equally amazed or entertained even was the selection of food and their names!

Space Wars Food

You can book a party with your friends as this can hold up to 35 guests and enjoy these.

I’m excited to visit SPACE WARS again with my husband and our little guy. Elijah will surely enjoy the LED lights as we lay down on the bed. Surely, the cockpit will be a hit because he likes everything with steering wheel.

Space Wars Costume

And the costumes–behind this stormtrooper–which will welcome us by the door can entertain us 3 as we pretend to be Jedis of the Star Wars Universe. I am certain that after our stay, the little has a lot to talk about.



May the force be with you!

For a truly out of this world experience, you may book the room by through 0917-VCSERVE (0917-8273783). Send an email at For more updates, like Victoria Court on Facebook or follow @VictoriaCourtVC on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. What a pretty awesome room! And I’d love to celebrate there!

  2.' Berlin says:

    Havent been to any themed hotel room so I could also rely on the photos. My boys would surely love the room considering that they are Star Wars fans.

  3.' monica says:

    Haha! Now this is interesting! My family is a Star Wars fan! : )

  4.' Janice says:

    Our entire family are big Star Wars fans. 🙂 It would be pretty interesting to experience this room. I know it’s supposed to be for families but how many can it fit? Because we have 3 kids and I’m pregnant with another one, I don’t think we can all fit in one room. Haha!

  5.' Nilyn says:

    Who cannot relate to Star Wars mania? – OMG me too!!!! I have never watched any Star Wars movie at all! haha! Anyway, the place looks really nice!

  6.' Liz A says:

    Wow! Such detailed work. It looks like they took it all out from the Star Wars set and transferred it to Victoria Court! 🙂
    Looks amazing!

  7.' Denice says:

    Engr siguro is a big big fan of star wars! This will be great for parties with star wars fans like bachelor or bachelorette parties with matching marathon of all the movies.

  8. Oh, I thought I was the only person who hasn’t seen star wars yet. Haha. This room is amazing! Themed rooms are so nice and unique! 🙂

  9.' Maan says:

    Hahaha me too, I can’t relate to Star Wars, too! Pero I love the room ha. Ang saya siguro jan!

  10.' Neri Ann says:

    Super ingget that I was not able to go here. I watched all the Star Wars Film! I watched starting from the latest backwards.

  11.' Angel Enero says:

    Wow! Dati fifty shades of grey lang… hehe! I love it! Mr. Sia is indeed had a brilliant idea… ang ganda ng room!

  12. WOW! Ang galing naman ng room na yan! I love the bed!!

  13.' Mhaan A says:

    Wow love it! Will consider the Space Wars on our next party. Ang ganda!

  14.' edel says:

    I love Star Wars especially the Stormtroopers. I’ve only been to Victoria Court once and that was when we had a bridal shower for my cousin. The themed room is nice though.

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