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Magnificent Line of Skin Care Products from the Dead Sea

Because makeup can only do so much, clear and radiant skin is what we should aim for. It’s great to be particular with face regimen, right? But me, I’m for convenience. I dread going out just to have a facial session. I accepted the fact that I’m too lazy for that or busy maybe. I just wash my face with facial wash before bedtime and that’s it, for me.

Makeup Foundation Samples

I am really not the type of woman who’s into foundation. I feel okay even though I have not put some on my face whenever I do my make-up. (Okay, please don’t roll your eyes on me. I know that it is a no no.) But then this need for it becomes hard to ignore especially during summers in the Philippines like this. When I’m outdoor I get sweaty easily and the next thing I’ll notice, the freshness escaped my system and you’ll see it through the oiliness in my face. That’s the need for it kicks in.