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Diaper Sale Baby Company

Baby Company’s Diaper Deals 2017

I often go out with my small family these days–my husband agreed for me to go out for workshops or seminars every weekend as a break from my weekday WAHM life–yes, that also means more diapers I need for Ella. I use cloth diapers at home but whenever we’re out and about, using disposable diapers my little girl is very veeery convenient for me. Alright, this sale thrilled me, so much!


Morena Mom’s Cloth Diapering Story

When I gave birth to Elijah, I was adamant to not use cloth diapers (CD) ever. The thoughts of using it is just inconvenient for me. I can see breastfeeding Moms who are into it and I totally cannot relate. All because I was uneducated about its advantages and benefits. Until one day, I saw a CD in the flesh when I chanced upon the cutest 3-month old boy Singkit. I fell inlove with the print of the diaper that’s on him. As I mentioned on my post about my breastfeeding journey, I met (Baby Singkit) and his Mom during our Arugaan visit.