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Why is Vitamin D important?

Moms like myself have so much in our plates–we run the house, yes? One of our duties is to keep our family healthy and away from diseases.

There are tons of letters for vitamins but I’ll focus on Vitamin D as this is what my son is deficient of. It is said that this is needed for calcium absorption among infants. However, 7 out of 10 Filipinos are Vitamin D Deficient. If Vitamin D Concentration in the mother’s breast milk is low (which, as studies show, is usually the case), this may lead to Vitamin D Deficiency in infants.

As a breastfeeding mom, I realized, I too should be all the more be taking this vitamin as it is important to help provide Vitamin D requirements of the nursing infant. Deficiency on this in infants can cause “rickets, delayed motor development, muscle weakness, aches and pains, and fractures”.

Start serious protection today with Forti-D! I have a fair share of taking this Vit D for granted. But now that I know this info, I know what to do. As they say sharing is caring that’s why I am also publishing this on this blog. I know you would agree with if I say our family needs serious protection above anything.


Forti-D gives protective effects against serious diseases by keeping VITAL ORGANS functioning healthily (including the heart, bones, muscles and brain).

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Some signs of Vitamin D deficiency are tiredness/fatigue, muscle and joint weakness or pain (but you may still be deficient even if you don’t feel these).

A capsule a day gives you your daily requirement of Vitamin D (800 IU) safe for daily intake. Comes in an easy-to-swallow small gelcapsule format. Only Php6.50 per capsule.

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