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Wedding: Bride’s Ring

They say a wedding is one of the things important to women. Personally, I agree with this.

I remember daydreaming about my wedding day ever since I was a little child. I have details in my head as to what type of dress, the venue, the dress and the ring. Who wouldn’t want it memorable in their own way?

Let’s talk about rings. Most of us love the wedding rings that are adored by our celebrities, and as a matter of fact, the trends in the market are based on the designs sported by them. But not everyone can always afford the large solitaire wedding sets, which probes the need to make a decent choice. Buying moissanite wedding sets can be the most daunting task as there are many things to consider and the price that you pay is always limited. But unlike celebrities, most couples are tight on their budget. Take a look at the few things that matter in your choice.

The solitaire: Wedding ring sets generally have two rings- one engagement and the other for wedding. Diamonds have always been the first choice of people for weddings, and needless to mention, they are expensive. You can choose smaller sized diamonds for low costing or can look for emeralds, rubies and sapphires. It is advantageous to remember that the cost is dependent on the qualities and size of a gemstone.

The metal: Metals like platinum and yellow gold are traditional choices for morganite wedding set, but there are some cheaper alternatives, as well. These include titanium, white gold and silver. Alloyed metals cost less than others. You need to choose your metal according to the stone you selected. In case, you want classic metal bands, platinum bands can work perfectly and can be found in decent prices.

The settings: This is one aspect for which you need a little inspiration. You can take a look on collections of art deco moissanite rings on online stores and select a design that suits your personality and style. While single solitaire rings need no settings, you may need to research a little for assorted diamond rings. You can use pave diamond stones, or basic designs using the metal. The choice is entirely dependent on your budget and preference.

With all this, I settled with an enternity ring. I thought to myself: the ring that I will wear will not define my marriage so why force my fiancé to buy rings he cannot afford?

What are your thoughts on this?


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