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Treat your Nanay Self of Nestle’s MommaLove this Shopee 6.6 Sale

Treat your Nanay Self of Nestle’s MommaLove this Shopee 6.6 Sale
Most mothers if not all are selfless by nature.

Ever went to the mall with the agenda of buying new underwear originally but end up going home with three shopping bags full of stuff for your children and totally forgot why you even went there in the first place?

Ever clicked that Shopee of with the initial intention of buying toiletries to replenish your Nanay essentials but ended up browsing and eventually carting school supplies for your children?

Ever realized that you cannot easily pay P50 for an item that you need but will purchase that limited edition coloring set for your child without thinking twice?

Have you counted the times that you said you don’t have a budget for a facial session but in reality, you paid your eldest’s tuition fee in full?

Stoooop! 😀

Just go to Shopee, indulge yourself with the selections for moms!

Better yet check out NestlĂ©’s offerings for us!

Who among you is also a lactating mom like me? Sharing what I discovered while browsing our favorite Shopee (pee pee sa Shopee) — MOMMALOVE! This a lactation milk with Malunggay. Moringa, yes, moringa!

Was it just my hormones or I just really needed to hear this? It says : We nourish her with the nutrients she needs para habang alaga niya si baby, may nag-aalaga rin sa kanya.

Because, truth is, even moms need caring and love. You can’t pour from an empty cup, Momshie! Self-care should start from us and should start now (kung di mo pa nauumpisahan). If you’re not there yet, baby steps. Buy a treat for yourself. 😉

May I just say that the bag that comes with the packs of milk is super nice!

And oh, NestlĂ© is NestlĂ© so, let’s go na and buy! Every drink of Mommalove guarantees the seal of quality that NestlĂ© has delivered to generations of Filipino families.

The taste? You’ll like it, too, especially with hot water but others prefer having it cold.

Take that 15-minute break, Nay! You need that. We need it.

Available in:

Nestle MommaLove Lactation Milk – Vanilla (3 x Box of 10)

Nestle MommaLove Lactation Milk – Chocolate (Box of 10)

MommaLove Online Exclusive Bundle

Hear, hear!

Get up to 15% off for MommaLove items on 19 June.

Meron pa bang hindi nag-iinstall ng Shopee app sa phone nila? But just in case, download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play!

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