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The Uber Ride

I was informed by a good friend about Uber. She told me to use a code(indicated on the photo below) to avail of the P600-worth of free one-time ride. Here’s my invite link: for a free first ride for you!


Fill-out the registration forms and hit “Creat Account”. Now, download the app on your smartphone and start booking for a ride.

NOTE: All transactions are cashless in Uber. Credit card is needed for you to create an account.

My first Uber ride was with my parents, it was their checkup day, my little boy and I accompanied them. Since then, I was hooked to using this service instead of “grabbing a taxi”. I have to say that the units were clean, of all my rides, they are constantly neat and fresh-smelling. I have experienced riding in a cab (we flagged down on the highway) with a friend going home to Pasig from Makati via C5 on a heavy traffic night. Inside, the taxi smelled gasoline. So, for two hours we inhaled the scent. We chose to endure the smell rather than getting off and not be sure of what time we can go home. Not only that, have you experienced lining up in a taxi bay inconveniently with all the stuff you bought from the mall? How about waiting for what it seems like forever and the failed attempts of flagging down a taxi on a rush hour?

Presentable. If you have an appointment and for some reason you can’t use your car, or you don’t have any yet, this service will save you. I love how polite their drivers are. Whoever trained them at the customer service seminar, they did well. These chauffeurs deserve every peso of their passengers’ tip. Furthermore, the feeling of being safe though you’re traveling alone with a stranger is what I like best about this trend. With all that’s in the news if you know what I mean. Plus, in the event that you accidentally left some valuables in that car, you have a great chance to recover those. Because you have a record of your trip with all the details, as well as the copy of your receipt in the email sent to you by Uber.

True to their word, they seamlessly connect riders to drivers through their apps, they make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. If you have a spare car and it’s presentable enough, enroll it to Uber and allow it to be your another source of income.

I had a short chitchat with the first driver I met using Uber. Kuya Edgar shed a tip, “don’t hit request for a ride when you see that there is surging. You’ll be charged x times of the rate indicated”, he said. Below is a screenshot of what surge pricing looks like. It’s best to wait till the rate expires. That is, if your schedule will allow you.


Couple of days ago, both my husband and I received an email saying we were given a P300-worth of free ride, valid from July 15 to July 19, 2015. Picture below.


Yay! The fare going to the appointment to our dentist this Saturday is free and hassle-free. Uber is indeed everyone’s private driver.

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