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A Date with my BFF and our kids at Caffe Bene

Being a yayaless mother without a house help, I got the hang of juggling things on my own. It was just my husband Paulo, our little guy and me living in our home. During weekdays, when my beloved better half is in the office working, sometimes I’m missing my siblings’ company. I missed watching TV with them or talk about anything over merienda; sharing opinions etcetera etcetera.

Good thing my Kumare (my BFF since 4th grade) lives within the Eastwood area. When Im missing my family, I’d just visit her or sleep over at their place for days–me and my little man. It’s not only a bonding for us but I love how Elijah can play and socialize with her adobale kids. Plus, we’re just steps away from the mall if we wanted to swing by the toy store or whichever in there. Therefore, visiting my best friend is really my toddler hack.