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#TibayAtStyle from Aeroblu Sandals

Aeroblu sandals are a darling! It’s made from Polyurethane a versatile material that we can find in everyday household items and machinery such as thermal insulation, furniture, bedding and seating, gaskets to paint rollers to gel pads, watch straps and more! No wonder my mom’s pairs were couple of years old now but still intact and looking great. That being said, it has been my great feet buddy when I was with extra pounds during pregnancy. It’s quite a given that an expectant mom’s sole wants comfortable item, and, Aeroblu sandals is comfort! Best of all, buying one won’t leave a dent on our wallets.

Real Moms Diapers: Comfort and Cost do mix!

With all the expenses in our homes, I don’t know about you but me, I make sure that everything is within our budget. However, there are a few exceptions especially when it’s about food and my children. But you see, there are occasions that COMFORT and COST mix so well! That’s what I am always in a lookout for.

Regina Hometel: An Affordable Home in the City Feel

Were you once asked by a friend if you knew of a place in Makati where his balikbayan relatives can stay for a week or a month in which they’re safe like in a hotel because they’re processing some papers within the area and it will be difficult for them to travel back and forth due to the heavy traffic? Or a hotel room for your friend’s boss that SHOULD be within the business district of Makati BUT with more affordable rates and you don’t know of any? I was asked countless times and can’t refer even one. I only know of Makati as a city which has a high cost of living where the word “affordable” doesn’t fit especially in the business district.