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Shopee Now Exclusively Carries Penshoppe’s Innerwear Line!

To all the 90s kids like myself, what clothing brand do you remember buying often?

If I’m being honest, it’s Penshoppe. But now that I am a mom, I don’t buy clothes so much. Okay, why? Because 1) I don’t need it so much as I am work from home. 2) When it comes to expenses, I prioritize the needs versus wants.

However, there’s one item that I purchase often – one of my happy pill. You asked what? Underwears, of course! Being a mom made me want to have a hefty amount of undies in our closet because I cannot wash the laundry as often as I wanted to BUT items like panties populate our laundry basket easily. Because, if it’s not too much information, I change “that item” like twice a day minimum.

Have you heard the news? Penshoppe’s innerwear line is now available exclusively on Shopee!

Oh, I am not sure how many times I said that Shopee is one of my lifesavers.

Now that undergarments are now available there, oh, no more mall visits anymore!

You wanted to check, yes? Here are some of pieces they have:

Penshoppe Core Women’s Multi-way Bra
(available in Beige and Black)

Penshoppe Core Women’s Hipster Panties

Don’t forget to buy for you husbands also!

Penshoppe Core Men’s Classic Briefs

Penshoppe Core Men’s Boxer Briefs
(Black/Blue Stone/Charcoal)

If you are like me who wraps underwear sets as presents to brothers and sisters and other members of the family, well then, this is your go to shop!

Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play here.

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