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My Books For Less Warehouse Sale Experience

Finally, we made it to Books For Less Warehouse Sale this year to check on mountains of books for P20 each. I haven’t made it last year because dearest Elijah is too young and fragile for the jam-packed sale, he was about a year old then. For this year, I decided to visit over few days before the sale ends. I’m not worried swinging by days before it ends for my friend assured me the attendants will restock, she asked them during her visit.


I arrived there prepared to struggle scoring books I wish to get for our little boy. I have with me a bag which contains a bottled water and biscuits, few extra tops for both Elijah and I, a fan, face towels and cloth wipes. I’m relieved to see that few people in the warehouse checking books.

Children’s books at the warehouse were resting on the tables located at the center of that stash house. What I was very happy about was most of them were hard books, most perfects for my son’s age. That’s not all, majority of the books were in good used condition, a steal for P20 each. Did I mention all were preloved? Oh still great for its price.




The weather yesterday was not as hot as if it is summer in the Philippines. But yes, I’ll bet no one in that warehouse managed to NOT notice that it is indeed hot inside. It is a storehouse, that’s expected. Don’t worry, there were 3 industrial fans in there. So yes please don’t bring your kids with you. But I have a different case, Paulo and myself agreed not to have someone to take care of our Kuya Baby and any addition to him but me.

Overall, I am glad I made my way there, worth the effort, time and strength. It’s not that it is far from the part of Pasig I’m from, but to go there with a toddler is a different story. Good thing GrabCar exists! “Thankful” is an understatement. It’s the greatest thing happened to me as a commuter, I have to say. Oh was that overrated? Laughs. I’ll talk about my GrabCar and Uber rides on this blog soon.

Going back to my book shopping, on the shelves they placed the pocketbooks or novels maybe. I also saw an Almanac on one of the shelves.





These are the books we got from the sale.


But these two were Morena Mom’s favorite.


I long ago wanted to get a Corduroy book and there I found one. And this “How to Draw 101 Funny People” made me smile. I know I can put this to good use. Trust me, I mean, with someone who wasn’t gifted much in drawing stuff especially detailed faces or people–I really have a good use for this. Oh well, at least I have a masters degree in stick manology. Was that even a term? Kidding.

On a more serious note, if you want to influence your kids to read but you don’t want to burn much cash on that, this is  your go to place.

Books For Less Warehouse

#643 Mercedes Avenue, Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City
Right across La Consolacion College

The warehouse sale is until 31st of August.

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